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What do hornets eat?

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Hornets eat eat flies, bees, and wasps.

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NO but Hornets eat bees

Dragonflies will not eat wasps or hornets unless there is absolutely nothing else for them to eat. They mostly eat mosquitoes but will also eat butterflies and moths.

Skunks are the most likely animal to dig up and eat the contents of hornets nests. More specifically, they dig up the nests to eat the larvae of the hornets within.

No, hornets do for feeding their grubs.

No goats will not eat a hornet if they try they will only do it once =)

Not that I know of. Now, If it is a snake carcass, they may lay eggs in there and the larvae will eat it.

i have seen hornets chew off pieces of fried chicken off the bone and fly away . But i am thinking to bury with a egg or larva????? Yes hornets do cut and slice meat to feed to their young.

The collective nouns for hornets are a "swarm" or a "nest" of hornets.

No. Hornets are diurnal.

"Snow Hornets" are specialized Hornets that only appear on the map Avalanche. The only difference between them and the regular Hornets is that the Snow Hornets have no rocket launchers.

The collective nouns for hornets are a "swarm" or a "nest" of hornets.

Mainly Asian And European Honey Bees. Japanese Giant Hornets Are Voracious Predators That Can Have Only 30 Japanese Giant Hornets Killing 3,000 Honey Bees In Just A Few Hours. Japanese Giant Hornets Might Also Kill Flies, Mantises, Beetles, Spiders, Small Scorpions And Other Hornets.

Yes: larger wasps and hornets, birds, dogs, and skunks eat bees.

Yes, there are hornets in England.

what are the enemies of hornets

Hornets are sensitive to smells. Smells that hornets dislike and can be used to help the presence of hornets around your home include Pyrethrin or smoke.

I saw a bat swooping down and eat a hornet at dusk last night. Am I seeing things - it seemed real ?

Yes, hornets actually do pollinate.

Yes, hornets do sleep at night.

How do hornets live They live in hives

Hornets can be purple or black.

Hornets usually eat live insects. Some other large wasps are sometimes referred to as hornets such as the Bald-faced hornet which visits flowers, especially in late summer, and can be minor pollinators. In the fall, yellowjackets may be attracted to human foods and food wastes.

Shrews, hornets, stoats, weasels, and cheetahs to name a few.

Some animals do, e.g.: Honey buzzards, even if they seem to prefer other social wasps. Greater hornets; the Asian Giant Hornet may kill and eat smaller wasps, including smaller hornets. Some ants, like the army ants. Also human. In parts of Asia, fried hornet larvae is a delicacy. Pål Jensen

i forgot < IGNORE THAT ussualy bears or honey badgers will try to eat bees also hornets, frogs

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