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i think they eat meat

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Can a husky eat pasta?

Yes, it is save for dogs to eat pasta.

What kind of food do husky dogs eat?


What huskies can not eat?

grapes. and other stuff that all dogs cant eat. try to keep your husky on a regular diet.

What are the names of the dogs that are in Alaska?

Siberian Husky, Malamutes, Alaskan Husky.

Does the husky dogs have dots on their tong?


What do husky dogs like to do?


What does a wild Siberian husky eat to survive in Alaska?

Huskies are domestic dogs and do not naturally live in the wild. If a stray or feral husky was in the wild, they would scavenge and hunt for anything they could find.

How do husky dogs survive in snow?

Husky dogs have a thick layer of fur to keep them warm and survive in the most harsh conditions of snow.

What is a husky dogs bite pressure?

same as other dogs at that size...

How much do huskies eat?

Huskies eat less than other dogs their size as their bodies are very efficient. Expect a 55-60lb husky to eat what a 40-50lb dog might eat.

How much are husky dogs?

Depending on where you get them from, a Siberian Husky puppy can start from $500 and go into the thousands.

Does a Siberian husky have hair or fur?

hey, a Siberian husky is a dog and dogs does not have hair they have fur

What are husky puppies?

what the ****? WHAT ARE HUSKY PUPPIES!?!?!?! well, think about it. huskies are a breed of dog... and puppies are baby dogs... SO, what do you think HUSKY PUPPIES are?!?!?!

How do you get husky?

Husky is another term for fat, and you just eat a lot.

Can husky be hunting dogs?

Not too likely as the husky would probably eat the game animal. There dogs are working dogs and generally sled pulling animals. Still, they are very intelligent and they might be so trained as a hunting dog. I would not want that job myself, but you might give it a try. Rabbits, to start, perhaps.

What is the most popular dog to pull a sled?

HUSKY there made for the snow there are two kinds of huskys siberian husky and husky there big dogs and cute.

Are pomeranian husky hypoallergenic?

Pomeranian husky breeds are mix breed dogs. They are not pure bred. This mixed breed of Pomeranian huskies are a breed of hypoallergenic dogs. Another name for this breed of dogs is pomsky.

What are the cutest dogs?

Siberian Husky Border Collies

Where did husky dogs come from?

The husy originated in Russia.

Where are husky dogs used?

Arctic circle & Canada

From what country do husky dogs come?

They come from Siberia.

What is The husky puppies name from snow dogs?


What domain does a Siberian husky belong in?

The dogs and wolves

Does a husky have a backbone?

Yes, all dogs have a backbone.

What does husky dogs do at winter time?

look for food!

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