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The molecules of water are held together by hydrogen bonding between molecules.

These are electrostatic bonds (attraction forces between opposite charges) that hydrogen makes with the oxygen of neighbouring molecules. Hydrogen, when bonded to oxygen to form water molecules, is slightly positive and the oxygen in the water molecule is slightly negative. Hydrogen gets attracted to the neighbouring slightly negative oxygen atoms.

This is great for life on Earth because small molecules the size of water tend to be gases but water is a liquid. It is a liquid due to the hydrogen bonding between molecules.

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Q: What do hydrogen bonds do to water?
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Does ethanol or glycerin have hydrogen bonds to water?

Both have hydrogen bonds to water.

Can water form hydrogen bonds form with itself?

Intermolecular bonds of water molecules are hydrogen bonds.

What bonds does water form between hydrogen and oxygen?

hydrogen bonds

Does a water molecule form hydrogen bond?

Yes, the bonds in a water molecule are hydrogen bonds.

What type of bonds hold separate water molecules together?

Hydrogen bonds. Water molecules H2O have covalent bonds holding the hydrogen atoms to the oxygen. Between water molecules there are hydrogen bonds.

Are the hydrogen bonds of water easily broken?

These hydrogen bonds are not so strong.

What happens to hydrogen bonds when water is evaporated?

The hydrogen bonds between the water molecules in the liquid are broken.

Sucrose form hydrogen bonds?

yes it can when it dissolves in water in forms hydrogen bonds in fact its the one that has the most hydrogen bonds

What are water's intermolecular bonds?

Water has two main bonds: hydrogen bonds between other water molecules, and a covalent bond between hydrogen and oxygen.

Do phospholipids form hydrogen bonds with water?

What part of phospholipids form hydrogen bonds with

What are the characteristisc of water?

solvent, polarity, hydrogen bonds solvent, polarity, hydrogen bonds

Does Water covalent bond or hydrogen bond?

There are covalent bonds within a water molecule and hydrogen bonds between water molecules.

How do the hydrogen bonds between water molecules compare to the covalent bonds within water molecules?

The hydrogen bonds are more easily broken than the covalent bonds.

What enables the water structure to form hydrogen bonds?

Water can form hydrogen bonds because of the polarity of its oxygen hydrogen bonds. In these bonds, oxygen has a partial negative charge and hydrogen has a partial positive charge. Because of this, the partially positive hydrogens on one molecule can form bonds with partially negative oxygen atoms in other water molecules. These intermolecular bonds are hydrogen bonds.

Is it true that hydrogen bonds exist within a water molecule?

No. Covalent bonds exist within a water molecule. Hydrogen bonds exist between water molecules.

What is water-water bonds called in a beaker of water?

The bonds beween the water molecules, H2O, are called hydrogen bonds.

How do bonds form between water molecules?

hydrogen bonds

What kind of bonds form between water?

hydrogen bonds

What type of bonds accounts for the properties of water?

Hydrogen Bonds

Hydrogen bonds are easily what?

Hydrogen bonds are easily broken. Think of swimming through water.

Where are the weak Hydrogen bonds located?

Hydrogen bonds occur between polar molecules such as water.

What are Hydrogen bonds are easily?

Hydrogen bonds are easily broken. Think of swimming through water.

What Hydrogen bonds are easily?

Hydrogen bonds are easily broken. Think of swimming through water.

What types of bonds exists between the hydrogen atoms and the oxygen atoms in water?

Within the molecule, the bonds are covalent bonds. Between water molecules, they're hydrogen bonds.

What kind of bond does water commonly make?

Water is composed of molecular bonds, but forms hydrogen bonds with other water molecules. Hydrogen bonds are not actual bonds, but they cause an attraction between the water molecules, which is why water is adhesive.