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Q: What do i do after ive finished the Harry Potter ootp game?
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How do you do alle the spells in harry potter and the ootp video game?

There isn't a code to unlock the spells in HP OOTP. You will learn them as the story progresses along.

What do you do after you complete Harry Potter ootp?

welll, you could read harry potter and the half-blood prince

How do you clear the swamp mission in Harry Potter ootp on psp?

gully weed

How do you use your broomstick in Harry Potter ootp?

Unless you are talking about when your playing as fred and george while blowing up fireworks, you actually don't use it in the game. But if you want to, then buy the harry potter and the half blood prince video game. : )

Where can you rent a 3d Harry Potter movie?

You can't. None of the Harry Potter movies are fully in 3D and only OOTP and HBP have minutes of 3D in them.

What is the purpose of the Impedimenta Curse from Harry Potter?

Impedimenta Curse or Jinx stops an object or slows it down Harry taught it to the DA in OOTP and saw his father use it on Snape (in the pensive) in OOTP

Does Sirius actually punch Lucius in OOTP Harry Potter Movie?

Yes but this does not happen in the book

How old is professor mcgonagle in Harry Potter?

In OOTP, she was 75. So, during DH, she would be 77.

How do you install Harry Potter ootp?

if it's a PC game, it probably has two discs, when it is loading the first one, and then it pauses, you put in the second disc. If it's a different type of game, delete old game memory.

Where are the fifteen wizard plaques on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix?

There are a lot more than 15 plaques in this game. If you have 15 left to find, you should check OOTP walkthroughs on gaming sites.

Harry Potter ootp how do you pick up the daily prophet from next to the boy?

Keep trying and eventually a (Square on PS2) action button will show up

Where is the magical drafts and potions in Harry Potter ootp on xbox 360?

1go to the restricted section 2it is on the left side 3it is the one right next to the big shelf at the very back

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