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What do i do im 4-5 weeks pregnant and spotting with cramps?

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βˆ™ 2006-12-06 21:22:36

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Go to the doctor now! this sound something serious--you should called your doctor or go to the E.R as soon as possible please--i don't want to scared you but this can be a miscarriage please get check fast--i wish you the best of health Sorry to put a dampener on you guys, but there is nothing either the doctor or the ER can do. If the blood becomes heavy and red then there is some point in going in case it becomes a hemorrhage, but for spotting and cramps going to bed with a hot water bottle and 2 acetominophen is the best you can do.

2006-12-06 21:22:36
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Q: What do i do im 4-5 weeks pregnant and spotting with cramps?
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