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see your general doctor they should perscribe you an antibiotic and some sort of pain reliever. I also am taking baths in epsom salt, and laying down on a heating pad on high whenever i get the chance, it really helps! also key to getting rid of a kidney infection quick is cranberry juice and water! i hope this helps :)

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Can you die from a urinal track kidney infection?

No, you cannot drink alcohol with a kidney infection.

You cannot get a cold in your kidney. You can however get an infection in it. A kidney infection is usually treated by prescribing antibiotics.

Kidney infection is a general term used to describe infection of the kidney by bacteria, fungi, or viruses. The infecting microbe may have invaded the kidney from the urinary bladder or from the bloodstream.

It could be kindney infection or blatter infection close to being kidney infection.

can you take clavamel 250 tabs for cystitis (kidney infection)

Pyelonephritis is the medical term meaning kidney infection

pyelonephritis is an urinary tract infection that has reached the pyelum (pelvis) of the kidney.Pyelonephritis is an infection of the kidney.

It depends on what is causing the infection.

Kidney infection symptoms can include chills and shaking, fever, nausea and vomiting, and fatigue. Kidney infections are caused by a spreading of a bladder infection.

Having a bladder infection is not too bad as long as you get it treated, but a kidney infection can become a pretty serious problem.

A kidney infection can only be cured with a doctor's help, not by eating vegetables.

No Alcohol while on any antibioticNo Booze when suffering from kidney infection

No I don't have a kidney infection . Do you?^^haha nice answer! you can tell if you have a kidney infection if you get severe sharp pains on either side of your back (depending which kidney is infected), the need to urinate a lot more than normal, and sometimes feeling nauseous.

No, you should see your primary care provider first for a kidney infection (or urgent care, if your primary is not available).

The symptoms of a kidney infection are blood in the urine, a frequent and urgent need to urinate, back pain, fever, and malodorous urine. The main cause of a kidney infection can be bacteria in the urinary tract.

A kidney infection is, in fact, a UTI, but I think you're asking if you can have a kidney infection without earlier warning signs like painful urination and frequency. Yes, that does happen sometimes.

The symptoms of a kidney infection include high fever, horrible pain in the back and pain when urinating. You have to see a doctor for a kidney infection.

You go to a doctor and get antibiotics prescribed for you. A kidney infection is no joke. It can cause permanent damage to your kidneys.

An untreated kidney infection can damage your kidneys, resulting in decreased renal function. Untreated infection, uncontrolled hypertension, diabetes (high serum sugar), nephro-toxic drugs all damage kidneys...resulting in "kidney disease."

Bad breath can be connected to a kidney infection. This may be as a result of kidney failure which causes build-up of waste materials in the body.

It may be a kidney infection; it warrants a visit to the doctor for diagnosis.

A kidney infection will require antibiotics. However, if you feel one beginning drinking lots of water and drinking cranberry juice may prevent an infection. After a couple of kidney infections, I began doing this and it has worked for me.

Kidney infection, also called pyelonephritis and upper urinary tract infection, occurs when microbes, usually bacteria, invade the tissues of the kidney and multiply.