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What do individuals experience as physical abuse from a spouse or a partner?

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Physical abuse can be in the form of anything from throwing something (at you or not), hitting things (like walls, etc), to hitting, slapping, shoving, or grabbing you. Anything that is designed to control, frighten, or injure you that is physical in nature is included. It often escalates from emotional abuse, which ranges from witholding affection and the "silent treatment", to insulting you, using personal information to hurt you, guilt-tripping, emotional blackmail, intimidation (threats to leave you, etc) and so on. Sometimes it can escalate to very serious injury or death. At a minimum it damages your self-esteem and causes depression. Any form of abuse can have a traumatic effect and it is very important to get out of the relationship and seek counseling. People who abuse others have very serious control issues, meaning they want to control others and choose to exhibit little or no control over their own behavior. Many times, substance abuse is involved. The main thing to remember is, it is not your fault. No matter what you do, no matter what you say, no matter who you are, the other person will abuse you and you could be the most perfect person in the world and it will make no difference. Because it is his/her problem. You cannot fix it. You cannot change it. Therapy will help you and it will only help the abuser if he/she wants to change, which unfortunately is unlikely because this behavior is learned at an early age, either by the abuser being abused or seeing abuse in the home by parents towards one another. I work with people every day who are abused and this is a very painful experience that can lead to major mental health issues such as suicide, depression, and drug/alcohol addiction. They experience mental anguish, emotional stress and physical scars. Run dont walk from this relationship or get the abuser help. If there are children involved move quickly, the boys may grow up to be abusers and the girls will have low self esteem if you stay and they see you accept this kind of behavior.

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What is a spouse?

spouse - marriage partner

What does 'spouse' mean?

It means partner husband/wife

Define domestic violence?

Its violence or physical abuse directed toward your spouse or domestic partner; usually violence by men against woman

Can a person draw ss disability benefits off of their spouse?

If the partner is caring for the spouse and the spouse is unable to collect their benefits themselves, it is possible to arrange for the carer/partner to collect these benefits. However if the spouse should die the carer/partner should immediately stop drawing the deceased benefit.

Is partner your next of kin?

A partner is considered next of kin only if they are a spouse. In the United States the order of precedence after spouse is children, parents, grandchildren, then siblings.

What is the lesbian equivalent of a spouse?

"Spouse" is a neutral word to identify the partner in a committed relationship, whether heterosexual or homosexual. So the lesbian equivalent of "spouse" is ... spouse.

What is another word for mate?

spouse, partner, bride, groom

What is the other word of wife?

Bride...........spouse, female life partner

What is a civil partner in England?

A civil partner under English law is, for all intents and purposes a legal spouse, except that the words marriage and spouse do not legally apply for social, political and religious reasons.

Would Ex spouse have rights over common law partner?

Yes, after breaking up with a common-law partner there are very little rights, unless there is children involved.A bit more:That depends on what sort of rights you mean, as well as in what state they reside. An ex spouse would have no rights over a common law partner, except in the case of children the ex spouse had with the common law partner. Other than that, there are no rights the ex spouse would have over the common law partner.If you were married and are now divorced, and your ex spouse is now living with a common law partner, you have no rights over that common law partner (excluding their children).More detail would make it much easier to provide a more accurate answer, which you can post in the discussion section of the Q&A.

Can a husband choose to not testify against his mate in Washington state?

A spouse or civil partner of a defendant is almost always considered a competent witness for either side, and may choose to testify for or against their spouse. A defendant may, when relevant, compel their spouse or civil partner to testify on their behalf. The prosecution however, may only compel the testimony of the defendant's spouse or civil partner in cases of domestic abuse or violence or sexual offences towards persons under 16. When the spouse or civil partner is a co-defendant to the charges, they may not be compelled to testify.

What makes a guy want to commit to monogamy?

True love for their spouse or partner.

What is the purpose of an innocent spouse relief tax?

The purpose of an innocent spouse relief tax is a form of protection and relief when one partner fails to report some of their income. It also covers one if a partner has claimed incorrectly.

What was Charles Dickens spouse?

A spouse is a partner and Charles had two: Catherine Hogarth, whom he then separated with and fell in love with an acctress, Ellen Ternan.

If you remarry is the new spouse affected by one partners bankruptcy prior to the marriage?

Only when the new spouse is applying for credit jointly with the bankrupt partner.

Can the same-sex spouse of a Canadian partner get their Canadian social security upon the death of that spouse?

There is only one kind of marriage in Canada and it is open to everyone. If an opposite-sex spouse can get the benefit, then a same-sex spouse can get it too.

If you file chapter 7 on debts you acquired before you got married would that affect your spouse refinancing and credit if you are not on the loan?

NO, that would not effect your spouse or partner.

What is the sexual orientation of Missy Elliot?

No, Missy Elliott is not gay. She is without a spouse or partner, but she is hetrosexual.

How can you buy a car if the previous owner is dead?

Whoever was willed the person's belongings or appointed head of estate. If the car was specifically listed in the will, that person no owns the car. If there was no will, the spouse or partner will be in charge. If no spouse or partner, the eldest child. If no children, I have no idea. You will mostly likely purchase the car from a spouse, a child or the estate of the deceased. Or whoever was appointed owner of the vehicle in the will.

Are internet affairs for married people a considered cheating on their spouse?

As someone with personal experience on the subject, my answer is definitely yes. There is a mounting degree of emotional involvement that occurs between two people on the Internet, and over time it can drastically affect your relationship with your spouse. ANSWER: Yes it is but we call it cheating from the heart. Unless your spouse is only talking through Internet without personal contact with that person its going to that direction of being involve. emotional connection with someone and not your partner or spouse is a bad sign of affair. You need to let your spouse know that you knew and you want him or her to stop..

Is a same-sex partner considered an in-law?

He (or she) can be. The same-sex spouse of your sibling is your in-law. Likewise, the parents and siblings of your same-sex spouse are considered in-laws.

What is a civil union partner?

In states where civil unions are legally recognized, "civil union partner" (or "partner in civil union") is the legal term for what would otherwise be called a "spouse" (i.e. husband or wife) in a legal marriage.

Are you responsible for burial after your partner has died?

Generally when your spouse or partner (if living common-law) has left a Will then the deceased should have put funds aside for the spouse or partner for burial services. If this has not been done then ask the family for help and they will either be happy to give some money towards the burial without you paying them back or, you can pay them back once the Estate is settled.

What are synonyms of the word spouse?

bride, groom, husband, wife, better half, companion, mate, partner

What is Spontaneous domestic homicide?

From the question it sounds as if the questioner is referring to; UNPREMEDITATED HOMICIDE OF A SPOUSE OR DOMESTIC PARTNER.