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What do individuals experience as physical abuse from a spouse or a partner?

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December 29, 2006 4:36PM

Physical abuse can be in the form of anything from throwing

something (at you or not), hitting things (like walls, etc), to

hitting, slapping, shoving, or grabbing you. Anything that is

designed to control, frighten, or injure you that is physical in

nature is included. It often escalates from emotional abuse, which

ranges from witholding affection and the "silent treatment", to

insulting you, using personal information to hurt you,

guilt-tripping, emotional blackmail, intimidation (threats to leave

you, etc) and so on. Sometimes it can escalate to very serious

injury or death. At a minimum it damages your self-esteem and

causes depression. Any form of abuse can have a traumatic effect

and it is very important to get out of the relationship and seek

counseling. People who abuse others have very serious control

issues, meaning they want to control others and choose to exhibit

little or no control over their own behavior. Many times, substance

abuse is involved. The main thing to remember is, it is not your

fault. No matter what you do, no matter what you say, no matter who

you are, the other person will abuse you and you could be the most

perfect person in the world and it will make no difference. Because

it is his/her problem. You cannot fix it. You cannot change it.

Therapy will help you and it will only help the abuser if he/she

wants to change, which unfortunately is unlikely because this

behavior is learned at an early age, either by the abuser being

abused or seeing abuse in the home by parents towards one another.

I work with people every day who are abused and this is a very

painful experience that can lead to major mental health issues such

as suicide, depression, and drug/alcohol addiction. They experience

mental anguish, emotional stress and physical scars. Run dont walk

from this relationship or get the abuser help. If there are

children involved move quickly, the boys may grow up to be abusers

and the girls will have low self esteem if you stay and they see

you accept this kind of behavior.

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