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The ICP joker cards gives you six different ways to look at yourself.

1.Carnival of Carnage: This joker is here to tell all you sinners and murderers to get your soul straightened out.

2.Ring Master: This joker is here promoting gang harmony. basically all can be down with the clown. and for every sin you make when you die he comes to you bigger and bigger. ( depending on how many sins you've made.)

3.Riddle Box: This joker is here for when you die you turn the crank on his box. And either God or Satan will pop out, telling you where your going.

4.Great Milenko: This joker is here to show you the reality of your wicked and evil souls. He tempts you into doing evil things such as stealing cars and killing. If you relive your illusion then the Great Milenko has tempted you. His power is only as strong as you let it be.

5.The Amazing Jeckle Brothers: These two jokers are here so when you die they will come to you and juggle your sins. And for every sin you make a ball is added to the act. and jack is no helping matter. Jack is trying to mess Jake up because if Jake drops even one ball the act is ruined and your in for a firey afterlife.

6.The Wraith: this Is the wraith. The wraith is everything. Heaven, Hell, the shadow of Earth. He is the one we all must face. He is the one that takes us to our final destination.

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Q: What do insane clown posse joker cards mean?
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