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the tooth fairy takes your tooth and leaves a dollar(£1) for you

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2011-01-15 20:06:35
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Q: What do kids say what do the tooth fairy does with the teeth?
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What would the tooth fairy say to unclean teeth?

she would take it and clean it

How many people do not believe in the tooth fairy?

Mostly everyone doesnt believe in the tooth fairy .Its somthing adults say to children when ther 8 and are loosing all of the teeth

What does the tooth fairy do with your teeth?

Some say that she makes a castle out of the teeth. Others say that she disinagrates them, but no one knows for sure. Maybe you could find out.

When to tell your kids the tooth fairy is fake?

I'd say around age 7 or 8. That's when I told my kids.

What kind of house does the tooth fairy live in?

We are unsure where the tooth fairy lives so whatever I say now please do not determine this as a fact because I may be wrong. But what I hear the most frequently is that the tooth fairy would probably live in a house made of people's teeth they collect.

Is avatar a better movie for kids or is tooth fairy better?

I didn't watch Tooth Fairy (even though it's one of those movies you can know is going to be bad before you even see it), but I can safely say that Avatar's intelligence level is perfect for kids.

Is it correct to say four tooth?

no the plural of tooth is teeth....u would say four teeth

Is the tooth fearie real?

No, I'm sorry to say, the Tooth Fairy is not real. It's a fable used to help children overcome the trauma of loosing their baby teeth. Kids are told that if they put a lost tooth under their pillow at night, the T.F. will come and give them a quarter or a dollar or some other cash inducement.

Why not say teeth brush but you say tooth brush where as you brush but your teeth not only tooth?

i dont know you tell me plz

Is the Tooth Fairy real or are you going to say fake?

sorry but the tooth fairy is fake how can it be logical for a person with wings thatcarries around a tooth brush just think about it

Where does the Tooth Fairy come from?

Rituals for the proper disposal of baby teeth have been common all over the world for centuries, but the Tooth Fairy is a uniquely American amalgamation of several myths.Rodents have long been associated with tooth rituals because of their strong teeth, and one of the Tooth Fairy’s precursors is a character in French folklore called La Petite Souris (The Little Mouse). She has origins in a 17th-century fairy tale, and she functions nearly identically to our Tooth Fairy—taking baby teeth from under pillows and leaving a small sum in return.The other main folklore element behind the Tooth Fairy are good fairies, like Cinderella’s fairy godmother, which were popular characters in European folktales. These good fairies and The Little Mouse coalesced into the American Tooth Fairy sometime in the early 1900s.The modern idea of the Tooth Fairy gained traction after World War II, due in part to the increased wealth in that era, and has remained popular ever since.

Who would win in a fight Santa Claus or the Tooth fairy?

I say Santa. The Tooth Fairy is a fairy for cryin' out loud! Plus, Santa's got his elf and reindeer pals to back him up, whereas the Tooth Fairy has no one, so i assume because I've never heard of anyone hangin with the Tooth Fairy.

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