What do ladybug eggs look like?

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2010-08-17 08:53:00

There are many species of ladybugs and their eggs look different

depending on the species. They vary from very pale yellow (almost

white) to very bright orange (almost red). The kind I see commonly

are dandelion-yellow. They are always oblong (taller than they are

wide) but some are nearly round. Some are so small that you can

barely see them, most are about 1 mm tall. They are laid in

clusters stuck down to some surface. I have found them on the

bottoms of leaves and on a flower pot. The clusters I have found

have about 10 eggs but I have read that clusters of 50 are common.

Eggs that have hatched already will be white, as only the shells

are left.

For photos of "my" ladybugs throughout their life cycle, see

this link:

Previous answer: they look like yellow or orange oval things

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