What do ladybugs mean?

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The ladybug does not have a general meaning but its wings are said to represent the cloak of the Virgin Mary. The black spots on the ladybug are said to mean sorrow as well as joy.

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Q: What do ladybugs mean?
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What do the colors on ladybugs mean?

The colors on ladybugs do not mean anything; it is just their colors. Ladybugs are black and red in color.

Does ladybugs mean love?


What do spots on ladybugs mean?

The number of spots is dependent on the species - there are several species of ladybugs - and doesn't really mean or indicate anything else..

Green ladybugs what do they mean?

They mean you've lived an amazing life

Do ladybugs like sweet things?

yes they do i mean who doesn't :)

Are there such things as male ladybugs?

Yes. They are known as ladybugs but that does not mean they are all ladies any more than all mandrake plants are male

Where do you buy ladybugs for cheap i mean cheap?

In your back yard or in your garden if you mean the insect called ladybug.If you mean a product called Ladybugs (such as the Ladybug range of nursery equipment) please specify what the product is and then we can help you further.

Does a large amount of ladybugs in the fall mean a bad winter?

A large amount of ladybugs in the fall doesn't indicate a bad winter, but a good spring. The more ladybugs can gather in the spring, the higher the reproduction rate.

How often do ladybugs eat and what?

ladybugs eat 50-60 aphids a day. at least i think....i mean this IS, i wouldn't put this in your science report.

What do the spots on the ladybugs mean?

The spots on a ladybug stand for it's age.

What ladybugs are rare?

orange ladybugs

What or ladybugs lifeecycel?

what are ladybugs lifecycle

Do ladybugs have pincers?

Ladybugs do have pincers

What do ladybusdrink?

a assume you mean ladybugs. the get all the water they need from the pray they hunt

Do landybugs mean good luck?

Do you mean ladybugs? Some people believe that ladybugs do mean good luck. Superstitions like these are up to you to believe in. Usually people say that when one lands on you you are forever blessed. GOOD LUCK! <<< That means good luck :)

Are ladybugs carnivores?

YES! ladybugs are carnivors

Are ladybugs omnivores?

Yes, ladybugs are omnivores

Can ladybugs be pets?

no ladybugs cannot be pets

What can i feed ladybugs?

LadyBugs Eat Aphids

Do ladybugs have a jaw?

do ladybugs have strong jaws

Are ladybugs consumers?

ladybugs are consumers :D

Where the ladybugs are from?

Ladybugs come from the U.S. and Asia

What are conclusions about ladybugs?

Ladybugs are the awesomest ever!!

Can ladybugs harm you?

no but some kinds of ladybugs do

Do ladybugs have wings?

Yes ladybugs have wings.

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