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What do land snails drink?

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Like every other living thing, land snails drink water.They drink salt water or just drink from any puddle,rain drop, or any other small source of water.If you are planning to keep land snails, make sure they have a small source of wet paper to eat, (I know, it's weird!) a wet cloth to stay moist (snails need lots of moisture in order to survive) and a water source to drink from. Have a happy, healthy, snail. PS.I DON'T KNOW HOW TO BREED SNAILS,OR TELL A MALE FROM A FEMALE, SO DON'T ASK!!!!!!

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How do land snails drink?

Snails drink jiuc4 and rootbeer with salt/ they drink water too11land snails do not drink they absorb water but not much even one an a while you could spray them with a mister but you need rain water or from a creek or brook

Do snails drink?

yes snails do drink go on what do snails drink if you want to know what snails drink.

How do snails drink?

Snails drink through their mouths.

What do garden snails drink?

Garden snails do not drink salt water, but they will drink water. Garden snails will drink any water that crosses their path. Snails can not drink salt water because it dries out and shrivels up their skin.

What do land snails eat and drink?

Land snails eat grass and other green leaves. They also feed on decaying matter and decompose poo. These types of snails eat dinosaurs back in the period they where as big as a T-rex.

Are snails in Escargot from the sea or the land?

They are land snails.

How do land snails get food?

how do land snails get food

Where do land snails live?

Land snails live in ditches.

What type of water do snails drink?

snails might only drink rain water but they might drink normal water

How do land snails and pond snail differ?

because land snails normally stay on land and pond snails stay in the water

Can snails get as big as African land snails?


Can land snails live underwater?

Land snails cannot live underwater as they need to breathe air like any other land animal. This is true despite the similarities between land snails and water snails.

Do wild snails drink?


Do snails drink lemonade?


Where do snails eat?

Types of Snails Snails come in two main varieties. There are aquatic snails and land snails.

How do land snails and pond snails differ and why?

apperently pond snails dont tend to live with other pond snails and land ones do? I dont know why.

Are land snails the same as ocean snails?

no land snails haft to live on land such as dirt and grass.but an ocean snail needs to live water to live.

Do land snails lay eggs?

Most land snails lay eggs, but some land snails are viviparous i.e., they give birth to live young.

What do snails drank?

That's bad Grammar. It's what do snails DRINK!

What is the difference between land snails and pond snails?

Snails that live in the pond don't really interact with other snails,but snails that live on land live with each other very well

What eats snails on land?

Thrushes east snails.

What do snails and slugs like to eat and drink?

my garden snails like to eat water melon,cucumber,lettice,corrots and bananas.My snails like to drink water.

What is a land snails habitat?


What is the difference between garden snails and apple snails?

One difference is that Apple Snails are freshwater snails and Garden Snails are land snails.

How often should you feedd your pet land snails?

How often should I feed my land snails