What do letters cc mean for shower valve connection?

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cold connection
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What is the height of shower valves?

Standard height for a showerhead is 6'-6" to 6'-8". I prefer the high side of that tolerance. A valve for a shower only is put at about 48", a valve for a tub/shower is put at

How do you get the valve stem out of the shower valve?

To remove a valve stem you have to do the following 1- shut off the water supply 2- remove the handle 3- remove the escutcheon if applicable 4- open the valve to the half open

What does cc mean on a letter?

\ncarbon copy, meaning sending the same thing to another person.. cc = carbon copy. bcc = blind carbon copy

What does cc mean at the end of a letter?

It stands for "carbon copy" (an old term, carbon paper is no longer used now that everyone has copy machines. It indicated that someone OTHER THAN the person addressed in the

How do you replace shower mixing valve?

Either tear out the wall around the valve or most showers and tubs will have a closet behind them where you can cut an access panel to get to the valve from the back side. You

Where is water shutoff valve in shower?

Some shower valves have integral stops which can be accessed by removing the trim plate. Most shower valves don't have these and the water is shut off by turning off the main