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What do life scientist study?

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Life scientists study living organisms and how they funtion.

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What does life scientist study?


What scientist study the plant life in a environment?

a scientist who studies the plant life in an enironment

Where do the life scientist study?

On Earth?

What do scientist study in life science?

they study stuff obviously

What is the difference between scientist and biologists?

biologist means who study about life and a scientist who study about every thing

Who can become a life scientist?

someone that had study hard and al ready have diplomas of a life scientist

What do life scientist study now?

The answer is your mom

What is the name for a scientist that studies life?

bio- life logia- the study of biologist

Who is errol Morris jamaican scientist?

he was a great scientist who study the sex life of the maroons in jamaica

What are the scientist name that study biology tree of life?


Which scientist would study prehistoric forms of life?


What is the name of a scientist that studies animal and life?

Biologists study life; they can be considered to be of two kinds: zoologists study animals, and botanists study plants.

What is the name of a scientist who study animal life?

Biologists particularly zoologists

What is a scientist called when they study modern life?

A neo-anthropologist, maybe.

Which scientist studies life fossils and life forms of the past?

Paleontologists study fossils and ancient life forms

What type of scientist study the life and forms found in the ocean?

marine biologist

What scientist study animals that live in water?

Apex answers Life science

How you can become as a scientist?

You have to study and study to become a scientist. you have to do experaments your self to see if you are a natural scientist.

Why do we study science and scientist?

why important to study about science and scientist? p;

What type of scientist studies sea animals?

Marine biologists study sea life but there can be different names depending on what you study.

What is the name of scientist who study rocks and the history of the earth?

Geologists in particular and with the study of the history of life on the planet, paleontologists.

Why do scientist study earth?

Scientist study earth because earth is the place that we envolved on and is the only planet in our solar system that is know to support life and is the fifth- largest planet in our universe.

What is a scientist who works with animals called?

They are called Biologists. Bio means life. Biology means the study of life.

What is an astrobiologist?

An astrobiologist is a scientist whose speciality is astrobiology, study of the origin of life in the universe, particularly extraterrestrial life.

What the name of a scientist who studies prehistoric life?

That would be a paleontologist. Archaeologists study ancient human life, not pre-human life.