What do ligers weigh?

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The average weight of a fully grown male liger is about 1300 pounds.

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Q: What do ligers weigh?
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How much do ligers weigh?

Ligers weigh about 900 lds (900 pounds).

What are some things that weigh 1600 lbs?


How much does a liger weigh in pounds?

Female ligers are known to weigh more than 700 pounds (320 kg).

Are Ligers larger than Tigers?

yes.this hybrid can weigh 900 pounds or more.

Which is stronger a polar bear or a liger?

The polar bear is stronger because it weighs much more than the liger. Polar bears weigh much more than ligers since polar bears weigh 950 pounds to 1760 pounds. Ligers weigh about 800 pounds. Brown bears, like kodiak bears and alaskan brown bears, are also stronger than ligers.

How big do ligers get?

Ligers are generally huge animals and is the largest feline in the world. males reach between three and 3.5 meters long and can weigh in excess of 800 pounds.

How do ligers act?

ligers act

Do ligers eat other ligers?

yes ligers do

Where can ligers be found?

Ligers can only be found in captivity. There are no wild ligers. Ligers are a completely man made species and all ligers are sterile, meaning that they cannot reproduce.

Who are predators to ligers?

Ligers don't have predators, but people can somtimes kill ligers, and leopards sometimes get into fights with ligers, and can sometimes end up killing the ligers for their food that they were fighting for. But sometimes ligers can win and the leopards will die.

How do you get info on ligers?

You get info on ligers by going on Wikipedia and looking up Ligers on the internet.

Where were ligers discovered?

Ligers were not discovered, they were bred.

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