What do loggerhead turtles eat?

Loggerheads are carnivores, meaning they eat mostly other animals. The baby loggerheads feed on small animals living in the seaweed called sargassum, where they spend early years. Adult loggerheads eat mostly bottom dwelling invertebrates such as whelks, other mollusks, horseshoe crabs, and sea urchins.

Primarily carnivorous during most of their lives. Hatchlings often eat sponges, jellyfishes, sargassum weed, small gastropods and crustaceans. Juveniles, sub-adults and adults feed upon conch, clams, as well as other crustaceans. They have powerful jaws that enable them to easily crush the hard shells of their prey. During migration through the open sea, loggerheads eat jellyfishes, pteropods, floating mollusks, floating egg clusters, squids and flying fishes.