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Lots of different looking women are attractive in their own right. A women who looks after her body (not smoking, eating right, exercising) is attractive as it shows she is bothered about other aspects of her life too. I like women to be in proportion, pretty face and smile, nice body lines (hour glass shape, although not too much). Love a flat stomach as such a turn on. Lively personality is important too.

AnswerHi, Men usually look at these things eyes smile hair body personality they have to find those things attractive to like you. AnswerIn order of importance, 1-body, 2-face, 3-personality. Different guys like different features some guys are breast men, some guys are leg or ass men, some guys like heavy women, some guys like thin. Every guy has his own opinions on what is attractive to him. Best thing to do is look your best, having a great personality is the icing on the cake and will seal a deal for a relationship. AnswerOnly very shallow men would look at the appearance when finding a partner- sure its nice to be with someone who you find very attractive but you should look at the personality because that's what makes the person. I know some really attractive girls but I'd never go out with them because they are horrible people. My girlfriend isn't seen as very attractive by my friends but, because she is a lovely person, I can see beauty they can't. No, don't try to look your best, you shouldn't have to make an effort- if the guy really loves you he wont care what you look like. AnswerMen at first look at appearance (not just physical beauty but also the way a woman handles herself in public), then personality (which is tied in with appearance and confidence shows physically), then what can they offer (which over time becomes the single most important thing). If a woman make a man smile, then it is happiness that she offers. But you have to surpass the first two before you get to this point. I can go into details which would take forever. AnswerFrom past experiences, I've learned that most guys, not all guys, only find a woman attractive if she has a flat stomach, sexy legs, hot face, and a nice ass. When I found that out at a VERY young age, I was disgusted. Only completely shallow and pathetic men look for that in every girl they meet. However, there are some guys who look deeper. What I mean is that some guys start to love a girl because he knows she has a great personality (this is very rare). The girl might not even be very pretty, but she has the personality of an angel, and that's what makes the guy love her.
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Q: What do men find attractive in women?
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