What do men really think about smaller breasts?


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I THINK THEY ARE JUST AS NICE AS LARGE BREASTS.MC There are some men out there who think a handful or a mouthful is enough. Some like them small. Being sexy, sexually attractive is more about attitude than looks. If you dress up, if you wear sexy cloths, feel the part, get into the mood, you can become very sexy. If you find this difficult, if you are shy about this, then you may have a friend, a sister, an aunty, someone you consider sexy, someone you think has a way with men, someone you can trust. Have a chat with her. Ask for some advice on what to wear. I think you will find that once you have found a style that suits you, that you are comfortable with you will definitely feel sexy and you will not worry about the size of your breasts. It shouldn't be an issue at all. I actually prefer smaller breasts.....very attractive! The overall attractiveness of a woman is a combination of many things....intelligence, charisma, personality, attitude in addition to the physical things that draw men towards a woman.


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Men think, "What a tragedy that beautiful, luscious, blooming breasts can become saggy and useless."

Large breasts are not more attractive to many people. There are men who prefer smaller well shaped breasts.

Some people think that Japanese men have a really small penis. In fact, it is proven that Asian men, compared to other ethnicities, do in fact have smaller penises.

No not really but some of us have odd

Many men seem to prefer large breasts, so some women think that they will be more desirable with larger breasts.

There is no explanation to this. I think it is just natural.

Some/most men are pigs.And they dont relize what they are really looking for,until they have found it.

it all depends on the guy. some men prefer natural then again it really doesnt matter because men like breasts at any size ;)I prefer big natural breasts but I am not picky. Let's put it this way: If I had to pick between big natural breasts and big fake breasts then I would go with big natural breasts.

AnswerMen do have breasts, they just do not develop unless you have high estrogen levels.

Because women have breasts in their chests and men like breasts

Breasts don't make a woman. Some women are flat chested. The men who love them aren't gay. Also, if men had breasts, they would be men's breasts. So a man attracted to men's breasts would be gay.

In today's society, most men (not all) prefer large breasts on women. Girls are aware of this, so they often think that they will not attract men unless they have large breasts. This is why some women get breast implants.

Men like small breasts because they are the perfect size for their grip.

Not all men are obsessed with breasts, but those who are (and those who aren't) like the way breasts look. They also like to touch them. It is an excitement for them.

The men don't need them.

well, it really depends if they are just weird and they just want to grab your attention

Men find cleavage attractive because the breasts are closed together. Cleavage gives the image of the breasts being deep which in turn make men more turned on, it also has to do with the fullness of the breasts. Another reason cleavage is sexy is because it allows women to attract men more easily. Other reasons could be that it moves with the breasts or when women put something in between their cleavage people automatically think that it is to make the breasts seem large and so deep and also to arouse the male to the point of erection or ejaculation.

I don't think so. Women's breasts are used to feed babies not for sexual pleasure. If people saw them then they would realize what they really ARE for, rather than following the trash they hear about them.

In some cases it is however it is now cosidered to be a dangerous fluid instead and can possibly cause many diseases and side effects including smaller penises for men and smaller breasts for women.

You can find them all over the world. It would depend entirely on what your definition of big breasts is. What may be large to you, could be small to someone else, and vice versa. Some men prefer larger breasts, while some men prefer smaller breasts. All sizes can be beautiful and all sizes can be adequate -- for everything from human survival (feeding an infant) to human excitement (foreplay).

well, men grow breasts anyways because everyone does so it does not mater

Lotion or cream is the medium of arousal for men and women when apply at the most sensitive parts, especially the breasts. Other men really do this for their women, to have an instant sensation coming from the breasts. it can also apply to a man's penis as lubricant. But the usual practice, licking it with moist tongue. Man massage the woman's breasts to start the foreplay, while others do it with kissing.

Sagging breasts are not sexy. They make men think of old ladies, and I guess because they're farther away from eye level they are less noticed.

All genders possess breasts, but they are rudimentary in male and young females

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