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What do mermaids look like?


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April 14, 2016 1:27AM

Some mermaids resemble beautiful women or girls who have a fish or whale's tail instead of legs. Most of these have strange skin and hair coloring, for the same reasons fish do. Many also have fins and the like on their upper bodies. For example, the Northern Lake Mermaid has bluish-green skin with a large fin on her back, and smaller fins on her forearms. The Caribbean mermaid has short blue "dreadlocks," in addition to a blue face and shoulders, but her body is mottled orange. She also has a large fin on her back, and her tail resembles that of a lobster's. Mermaids have no actual hair the way humans do- Their hair usually is actually a secondary set of gills used to filter oxygen out of the water. The Caribbean mermaid's hair also has stinging cells and shocks anybody who touches it. Mermaids look like a girl or woman, all the way down to the waist. The rest of the mermaid looks like the end part of a fish's tail. Go to and search in images: Mermaids or mermaid coloring pages.