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horribal things

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What does a garden snake eat?

A garden snake eat mice

What do garden snakes like to eat?

Garden snakes eat many types of rats and mice.

Do garden snakes eat mice?

Only if they are Hungry

What does the elf owl eat?

Small insects such as beetles, caterpillars, mice and garden snakes.

What do sparrowhawks eat?

Mice,incests and small garden birds. Eg:Great tit and Blue tit.

What do cubs black bears eat?

baby mice and cockel shells that's how her garden grows

What do baby garden snakes eat?

== == They will eat small fish and insects as neonates and as they grow may move on to larger prey such as frogs or mice.

Do vultures eat mice?

yes they do eat mice

Can mice eat celery?

can mice eat celery

Can mice eat oranges?

No. Oranges eat mice.

Do caribou eat mice?

No. Caribou do not eat mice.

Do field mice eat mice?

No,they eat grains.

Does a cat eat mice?

yes they do eat mice.

Does vultures eat mice?

yes they do eat mice

Do mice eat weasels?

no, mice do not eat weasels

Can mice eat croutons?

Mice can eat croutons.

Do tarantulas eat ants?

Yes, tarantulas do in fact eat ants. They also feast on small garden snakes, tiny mice, grasshoppers and of course, worms.

How do you get rid of mice in garden?

get a cat

Do mice eat carnations?

As no surprise, mice eat carnations. Mice eat pretty much anything that can be chewed on.

Do field mice eat grass?

i am pretty sure that they do eat mice because they are field mice and field mice eat grain and if the grass grows maybe corn crops then the field mice would eat it !!

Do bluebirds eat mice?

No, they do not eat mice. They eat insects, seeds, and berries.

Do mice eat bananas?

Yes, mice do eat bananas.

Can mice eat chips?

Yes, mice can eat chips.

What animals do mice eat?

Mice are known to eat insects.

Do snakes eat mice?

yes snakes do eat mice