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What do hamsters smell like?

Hamsters smell similar to wet dogs.

Why does aine smell?

All aines smell like wet goats

What do cheetahs smell like?

like a wet animal lol....

What does a vagina smell like when it gets wet?

The best smell ever! a smell better than poo

What does Jacob smell like?

'A wet dog smell' According to Alice in new moon

What does broccoli smell like?

like a wet nice evergreen tree

What does a chimpanzee smell like?

it smells like wet dog and dampness.

What do penguins smell like?

That all depends. We talkin' on land, or under water?

Why do the spark plugs smell like gas?

why do my spark plugs smell like gas but the conductor is dry just the threads smell like gas and are also wet

What does bronze smell like?

a bit like copper mixed with wet nappies

What do wolves smell like?

It is almost impossible to say what wolves smell like, but they likely have a scent that is similar to dogs. Some say they have a musty smell much like a wet dog.

What does wet clay smell like?

It smells so good and refreshing.

Does compost smell like wet mud?

Yes, compost can smell like wet mud. The smell is typical of dark-colored, fresh-smelling, nutrient organic material produced in compost pits. The compost which is made in compost bins, containers, heaps, or piles tends to smell like fresh, healthy soil.

Does a dead badger smell like a skunk?

I just washed my badger pelt. When it is wet , it smell very strongly of almost a skunky smell.

Why do some people sometimes smell like wet dogs?

That's a matter of opinion. Most people do not smell anything like dogs.

What does a wet dog taste like?

Yuck, Imagine how they smell OR kibbles and $hits

What does a wet smell like on Tuesday morning?

the same on any other day

What does a coral reef smell like?

It smells like wet fish and seaweed, but to fish and sharks it smells like roses.

Did Mayans wear moccasins?

The Mayans actually did not wear moccasins sorry but moccasins are just another girlie girl shoe like Ugs or Clogs .

Why even after you wash a dog and it's clean does it still smell like wet dog until it's dry?


Why does cats has a wet nose?

They have wet noses so they can find smell,wetness attracts smell better than dryness does.

What will happen if you pee on your butt?

Your butt will stink and smell like pee your butt will get wet duhhh

What are water moccasins?

Water moccasins are snakes that are water bound, so like water snakes, basically

What does cannabis smell like does it resemble garlic?

The smell of cannabis is quite pungent, reminds me of a mixture of wet soil and burnt pine needles. Probably would smell different for each person.

Who likes the rain?

Some people like the rain because of the cold wet drops running down your neck, and the smell of the wet grass filling the air.