What do mosquito fish look like?


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Mosquito fish are fish that will eat mosquito larva as fast as they can hatch.

This is what a female fish looks like:

And this is what a male mosquito fish looks like:

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Mosquito and fish eggs appear very similar. They don't have a calcified shell like many mammalian eggs. Instead their eggs are aqueous and soft and sometimes transparent.

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A mosquito fish mainly feeds on mosquito larvae in the wild but in captivity a mosquito fish eats it's fry or leaves off of plants

Fish do feed on mosquito larvae.

They are livebearers and breed like guppies.

Mosquitofish (one word) is a nickname giving to a species of fish (Gambusia) that feed on mosquito larvae and pupae.

Female Mosquito fish are larger than the male fish.

There is a fish that does not look like a fish and it is an eel. Jellyfish does not look like a fish and starfish aswell.

on my own understanding, a mosquito fish is a consumer :)

Yes, mosquito fish eat duck weed

The role of a mosquito fish is to eat mosquito's.

is a mosquito fish a producer

Red ant bites look like mosquito bites but they are a lot smaller. They also tend to occur in groups where mosquito bites are more isolated.

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Yes. Mosquito, then fish, then bear.

No you cannot feed mosquito fish fish food because it will dye.These fish don't need feeding because they feed off of a plant called Elodea and mosquito larva which they get their name from. So if you want another fish friend to dye don't feed mosquito fish fish food and give them lots of open space:]:]:]

What does a swai fish look like

If by mosquito fish you mean Gambusia, yes they are OK together.

It is swimming and looks like a mosquito larva!

like small mosquito bites.

A mosquito fish is a consumer. It is consumer because it eats elodea or other plants. Mosquito fish are herbivores. Meaning they only eat plants.

As the name says, it is supposed to look like a fish.As the name says, it is supposed to look like a fish.As the name says, it is supposed to look like a fish.As the name says, it is supposed to look like a fish.

mosquito fish do not lay eggs. Instead, they give birth to live young

a mosquito fish will jump out of the water to get a bug and usually a rosey red or minnow as you called it they usually dont a mosquito fish usually has stripes and a rosy red is pretty small like a tetra and is usually pink in color and you can see their insides.

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