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What do mushrooms the drug look like?


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September 14, 2011 1:49AM

They look like dried mushrooms, they vary greatly in size, from tiny little stems with a small cap, to large 1' long stems with big caps. They are LBMs, little brown mushrooms, and are therefore very hard to identify, they look like many other mushrooms, some are edible, some highly toxic, and some absolutly indistinguishable from one another, do not try to identify them in the wild, as toxic mushrooms that look identical may be growing in the same area, and there's no way to tell them appart. They have white stems, often stained blue from bruising, and are usually sold dry.

For pictures of fresh and dried mushrooms, take a look at is a great site for information on all kinds of psychoactive substances, and has a vast resource of magic mushroom information.