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What do people believe in Italy?

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Most people in Italy are roan Catholic Christians and believe as instructed by the Catholic Church headquartered in Rome.

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Do people live in rural or in cities in Italy?

Believe it or not, in Italy, the population is divided. Some people live in cities. Others live in the country.

Does Italy believe in Santa Claus?

All around the world you'll find people who believe in Santa Claus.

How does Indiana's state look like?

Many people believe it looked like a boot, like Italy.

How many airports is there in Italy?

I believe that there are 15 major airports in Italy.

What does Italy believe on?

the berth of JESUS

What are the people like in Rome Italy?

How Are People Like In Rome, Italy? How Do People In Rome, Italy Get Around?

What is the number one sport in Italy?

In Italy I believe the #1 sport is soccer.

Where did the roman empire begin at?

italy it may be hard to believe but yes it started in italy

What do you call people of Italy?

The people of Italy are called Italians

Where was ballet introduced?

In Italy, believe it or not, pal.

What gods do Italy believe in?

The god of Christianity.

Where did a violin come from?

I believe it came from Italy.

Do people ice skate in Italy?

yes people iceskate in Italy

Does the weather in Italy affect people who live there?

how does the weather affect people in Italy i might know in the night is freezing cold that effects people in Italy. when it is hot and dry that also effects people in a Italy.

What continents are Italy India japan located?

Italy is in Europe and India and Japan i believe is in Asia

Why is the main religion in italy catholic?

Romans started the Roman Catholic church waaay back in the time of Jesus Christ. Many people still believe in it not only in Italy, but all over the world!

How the head of Italy became the head of Italy?

In a vote by the people of Italy.

What region is Venice Italy in?

Veneto I believe is the region.

How would people in Italy be described?

I would describe people in Italy as "nice".

How rich are the people in Italy?

in italy people are rich like bronte williams

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