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the thing people do for a living in Cuba is sports

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Q: What do people do for a living in Cuba?
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Is Tupac living in Jamaica?

People say he's in Cuba.

What does Cuba make a living doing?

Cuba fishes for a living.

Cuba Greenland similar?

In no way, other than they are both islands and they both have people living on them.

How do most people in cuba make a living?

They mostly work in factories and live in townhouse sort of houses.

Why does people in Cuba speak Spanish?

Cuba was settled/colonized by the Spanish in the early 1500's soon after Columbus found the island Hispaniola. Up to that time the early inhabitants of Cuba were Native peoples living there.

What are the political features of Cuba?

Cuba is a communist government. There are very few personal freedoms for the citizens living there. Conditions are so oppressive that many people flee on rafts.

Are people from Cuba called Katrina?

People from Cuba are Cubans.

How many Muslims live in Cuba?

As of 2009, there are an estimated 9,000 Muslims living in Cuba.

Is it a law to vote in Cuba?

Unless I'm living under a rock Cuba is a dictatorship

Is cuba living under dictatorship?


Are people allowed to live in Cuba?

Ya! Of course! There are so much people in Cuba. In fact, there is 11,204,180 people in Cuba!

Where do the majority of people live in CUba?

Where do the majority of people live in Cuba?

What is the literacy rate of cuba?

The literacy rate for Cuba is high therefore so is the standard of living

Do people celebrate Christmas in Cuba?

Yes, people in Cuba do celebrate Christmas.

What are main complaints and demands of people in cuba?

what are the demands and complaints of people in cuba

When was People's Party - Cuba - created?

People's Party - Cuba - was created in 1900.

Where do most of Cuba's people live?

Havana, cuba

How many people in cuba?

11,451,652 is the population of Cuba.

What do people in Cuba wear?

people in cuba wear ... polo, jordans, and american eagle

How many people live in Cuba?

11,451,652 is the population of cuba.

What is the poverty line in CUBA?

The people of Cuba are very poor.

Is tupac in Cuba?

No, Tupac Shakur is not alive and living in Cuba. He was murdered in a drive by shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Is Tupac the rapper really dead?

No Tupac is living in Cuba

Is Fidel Castro still alive and living in cuba?


When was People's labor Party - Cuba - created?

People's Labour Party - Cuba - was created in 1901.