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Play Golf

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Q: What do people do in north Carolina golf courses?
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How many golf courses in north America?

There are 11000 golf courses in North America.

What attractions are available in Pinehurst?

The main attractions in Pinehurst, North Carolina are golf courses. There are a number of highly rated courses. In addition, one can visit the horticultural garden or the Tufts Archives.

What state has the fewest golf courses?

north dakota

Where is the best golf?

Scottsdale, ArizonaAnswerIn US you can find wonderful golf courses in 40 destinations. Alabama, Arizona,Nevada, California, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

What are the best golf courses to visit on a vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina?

Golf Digest places "Barefoot Resort", "The Dunes, G. and Beach C". and "Ocean Ridge Plantation", at the top of their list of best Murtle Beach courses. You can check for more details on courses and prices. Golf Digest has reviewed and documented the fifty best golf courses in Myrtle Beach at the website The list includes locations, opinions of amateurs and pros, and overall reviews

Where would one find a golf course in Spartanburg South Carolina?

You could go to your town square or use Google Maps in order to find a golf course near Spartanburg, South Carolina. Just do a search on Google Maps for "Golf courses near Spartanburg".

What are the cheapest golf courses in the nation?

Some of the cheapest, most scenic golf courses in the U.S. are The Lodge Resort, in Cloudcraft, New Mexico; Old Works Golf Course in Anaconda, Montana; and The Links of North Dakota in Ray, ND.

How many golf courses are there in Scotland?

there are 50 golf courses.

What are some inventions from North Carolina?

North Carolina has many great inventions that most people are unaware of. Some of these inventions are the Gatlin Gun, ear muffs, Put Put (Mini Golf) Pepsi, and even Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

How many golf courses are in Arizona?

There are about 340 golf courses in Arizona.

Why are golf courses often near the sea?

Because rich people not only golf, they also sail

What are some tourist attractions in South Carolina?

South Carolina is known for its beaches and golf courses. The most popular historic attraction is the Old Slave Mart Museum in Charleston.

How many Orlando golf courses?

Over 20 golf courses in Orlando.

How many golf courses in australia?

how many golf courses in Australian states

What county has the most golf courses?

America has the most golf courses! by far

How many golf courses does a city with a population of 20K people need?

Depends on how many people play golf lol, what kind of a question is this

How many golf courses are in South Africa?

+/- 500 golf courses of which at least 200 are 9 hole courses

Since when has Southern Gold Flag been manufacturing custom gold flags for top courses and tournaments in North America?

While researching online, it appears that Southern Golf Flag has manufactured custom golf flags for tournaments and top courses in North America since 1983.

What are some things that start with a p in NC?

· Pinehurst is a golf resort in North Carolina

How many Golf courses are there in Orlando?

There are over 100 golf courses in the Orlando. Some of the golf courses are private so you would need an invitation or purchase a memebership.

Are there any golf courses in myrtle beach?

There are several golf courses in myrtle beach. A phone book can provide the address and phone numbers for the different golf courses.

How many golf courses are in Massachusetts?

As of 2011, there are 379 golf courses in Massachusetts. This includes 9 hole, 18 hole and Par 3/exec courses. There are 127 Private golf courses and 252 Public/Semi Private courses.

What public golf courses are available in Washington?

Dozens of golf courses are available in Washington. Three of the most popular courses are East Potomac Golf Course, Rock Creek Golf Course, and Langston Golf Course and Driving Range.

Golf Courses: What Makes the Best?

Most people who are avid golfers, want to play on the courses that are considered great. But, what most people wonder is just what makes a golf course great? Is it the location of the golf course or something else? The location of the golf course does help, however, there are those golf courses that are located in areas that offer nothing else. Therefore, location is not everything when speaking of golf courses and their reputation. One reason why so many golf courses are highly reputable deals with the history behind the golf course. If there has been many famous people play on the course, then the reputation of the course increases and attracts more people. Secondly, the service that is offered on the golf course. For example, many low ranked golf courses offer no service for someone to carry the bags and so forth. Those golf courses that are considered the best always offer chauffeurs and bag handlers for those that golf on the area. Another aspect that makes a golf course considered great is if the course makes people want to return. If people are just coming to the golf course playing a round and then leaving with no looking back, then chances are the golf course is not considered one of the greatest. Those golf courses that are the best are those that have a level of difficulty that is entertaining to those that play in the area, but yet, keeps them wanting to come back in order to out do their own score time after time. The club that is offered on the golf course also plays a huge role in making these golf courses considered one that is great. If the club house offers a full dining meal, bar, other amenities such as a spa and so forth, then more than likely the golf course is considered one of the best in the area. All of these aspects go together in order to give what many people consider the best golf courses to play on and visit. However, each player will have a different view and each player may find that the best golf courses that are judged by professionals are not the best for them since it is a personal preference.

How many golf courses does New Jersey have?

There are 360 golf courses in New Jersey.