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What do people do to make money in the country Ghana?


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most people in Ghana make money by farming


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Ghana because they own lot of my money to make their country gigantic. ad people think is Nigeria but Ghana is the first richest country in west Africa anyway. and Nigeria is the second richest country in AFRICA. Ghana is definitely the richest country in Africa obviously is GAHAN.

Gh make her money tru agric

Trading salt and gold throughout West Africa.

gdp per capita - 2400 us dollars

Ghana mostly made there money by selling gold,ivory, and copper. some other ghanaians made money by making art and statues/models. On the other hand they farmed and sold different animals to make money. So that says Ghana has many ways of making money.

The general rule to dial: 011 + Ghana country code+ area code + phone number.Ghana country code: 233

China makes money because when china makes the item for America or other countries they make money because people buy the stuff, then some of the money that the people get, gets sent to china cause of the hard efforts into make these items for our people and our nation. China Was The First Country to Make Paper Money It Was In the 16th Centrys.

By trading goods and by doing raxa

Usually they make 3,000,000 cedis which converts to 3,000 dollars in U.S money.

Much the same as in any industrialised country

It takes their money in order to get out of debt.

he gave ghana independence and helped us get money!! and he helped create a government but he wanted more power so he began to make himself president for a lifetime the people did not like it so they banished him and he was not allowed back into ghana!!

When people pay taxes, but not many do. That's why its such a poor country. Most people are farmers, or have there own businesses. But they open them illegally, therefore they make money for themselves. Not for macedonia.

people could make money by agriculture

People do lots of different things in Ireland to make money, which is true in every country. They herd sheep, bottle Bailey's Irish Cream, and a thousand other things, easily.

The main purpose of this type of migrations are to make more money and to improve their living standards.

A country makes money by selling resources and collecting taxes.

Danish people work hard to earn their money. Just like people in any other western country.

In the 16th century Britain colonised in Ghana and used up all the natural resources. This meant that Ghana couldn’t use its own resources to sell to make money so it had to borrow money from richer countries. Eventually they couldn't pay the interest back because they became too poor and now they are in debt.

Ghana is a country, therefore the nationals of Ghana are called Ghainans and hold Ghanain citizenship. I am not sure, but I think that your question, should read, "Which are the predominant tribes and/or ethnicities in Ghana." I think you need to look up the definition of the word, "nationality" and then do some research of Ghana, then you can answer your own question.

In order to host the Olympics a country needs to have money, power, people and land. The IOC (international Olympic Committe) will make their decision from there! Hope that helps =] In order to host the Olympics a country needs to have money, power, people and land. The IOC (international Olympic Committe) will make their decision from there! Hope that helps =]

They get jobs, typically. That's the best way to make money. Other people inherit, invest, or do other things to make money, but generally speaking, getting a job is what people do to make money.

No, the GDP is the "gross domestic product". It's the value of the goods and services produced by the entire country. It's kind of related to how much money people make, but it's not the same thing.

The same way that people make money everywhere. We have jobs.

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