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What do people in China eat?

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dumplings, won tons, rice, lots and lots more!

2009-11-03 21:57:46
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Do Chinese people eat monkeys?

In central china and southern china, people eat monkeys.

Do china people eat shark fins?

people that live in china don't eat shark fins [i guess]

Do people in china eat crocodiles?

In the very southern tip of china, people do eat young saltwater crocodiles.

What do people in china usually eat?

Chinese people eat Chinese food.

Do people eat dogs?

In some cultures, people eat dogs. China is a common example though it is not a staple food in China.

Do people in China eat arangatangs?


Where in China do people eat noodles?


What did rich people eat in china?


What do people eat for lunch in China?


What does a south china tiger eat?


When do people eat in china?

rice and fish

Do people eat pie in China?

they inhale it

Do Polish people eat cats?

no but china does

What animals do people eat in China?


Do china people eat hamburgers?

Yes they do

What time do people in china eat breakfast if here you eat at 800am?

Chinese people usually eat at about 1100pm.

Do people eat tiger meat?

Unfortunatly yes. People in China eat tiger as a tradition.

What do people eat in china?

In China they eat noodles, egg rolls, chicken wings, rice and seafood dishes and etc

Why do people eat people in china?

Cannibalism is frequent in many cultures. That is why.

Do people in China eat a lot of butter?

People in the United States eat butter more than people in China. Chinese people eat rice, noodles, buns, etc... never really eat much starch or breads.

When you die in China do people eat your bones?


Do some people eat cats?

Yes In China they do.

What food do people eat in china?

Chinese food

What do people often eat their food out of in China?

bowls :)

What do people in China eat noodles with?

Chop sticks