What do people in Missouri eat?

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What did people in Missouri eat in the 1830's?

people ate other humans.

What do people do in Jefferson City Missouri?

sit on the couch, watch TV, and eat potato chips.

What do people do in Missouri?

Everything that people do elsewhere. well we in Missouri rox

How many gay people are there in missouri?

It is estimated that 3.3% of the population in Missouri is gay. Since there are approximately 6 million people living in Missouri that means there are about 1.98 million gay people in Missouri.

What kinds of foods did people eat in Missouri during the 1860's?

I dont know whats so ever

What do bears eat in the Missouri River?


Where does the political power in the state of Missouri come from?

the people of missouri

Who established the Missouri constitution?

The preamble to the Missouri Constitution states that the people of Missouri established it. Therefore your answer would be the people of Missouri. For more info visit

What do turtles in Missouri eat?

turtles like to eat strawberries and clovers but I need to know what else they eat!

Who was the first people to settle on Missouri?

The first people to settle Missouri were the Sioux Indians. They also named Missouri. This is who settled Missouri first. They made symbols in the ground that standed for Missouri and all of its wild life animals, tree, and projects.

What do lizards in Missouri eat?

Lizards in Missouri eat small bugs and flying insects. They spend most of their time traversing the terrain looking for any grasshoppers or termites to feed on.

Who was the explorer of the Missouri River?

Many different people explored the Missouri River.

How many people live in Missouri?

about 5,911,605 people

Which is larger Missouri or Illinois?

Missouri has larger area (180,500 km²). Illinois has 150,000 km² area. Illinois has larger population (12,869,257 people). Missouri has population of 6,010,688 people.

What are people called in Missouri?


What do deer get eaten by in Missouri?

well in Missouri Bobcats and bears eat deer most likely cars hit deers so ya

How much does a dental hygeinist make in Missouri?

There are none. People in Missouri don't care for their teeth.

What is Missouri state motto?

The Missouri state motto is "Let the welfare of the people be the supreme law"

What is the motto of the state of Missouri?

The Missouri state motto is "Let the welfare of the people be the supreme law"

Is Missouri a Tenancy By The Entirety state?

Yes. Tenancy by the entirety is available for married people in Missouri.

Why did people move to Missouri?

There are many different reasons why people moved to Missouri. Some did so for religious reasons. Others did so for better opportunities, and the hope that they would be able to live a better life in Missouri.

Famous people born in Missouri?


What type of food did the Missouri Otto tribe eat?

They ate good food.

Did any people fight in the American Civil War from Missouri?

Yes. People from Missouri fought on both sides during the American Civil War.

What are some famous people from Missouri?

Walt Disney, Mark Twain, Harry S. Truman, and Jessica James are some famous people from Missouri.

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