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What do people in South America usually eat?

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What do people in South America eat?People in South America eat many milk based desserts. They also eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and Cassava flour and meal. Also, coffee and Yerba Mate ( a caffinated, tea-like drink) are very popular.
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What do piranha's eat in South America?


What do sloth eat?

Sloths usually eat leaves from the trees they find in South America.

Can you eat piranhas?

Yes, people in South America eat them all the time.

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What do people eat for breakfast in south America?

willy and doodle

Where do people kill guinea pigs and eat them?

In South America, people raise and eat guinea pigs.

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What food do they eat in South America?

IN SOUTH America they eat lots of fruit and veg

What do people in south America eat on Christmas day?

y te bz

Do people eat spider monkeys?

yes. They are eaten in Egypt but are sent from south America although south Americans do not eat spider monkeys.

What do poor people in south America eat?

Poor people in South America tend to eat whatever they find locally. Some grow crops to feed their family. In some areas, guinea pigs are killed and eaten.

What time do families in Argentina eat breakfast?

People in Argentina don't usually rise as early as people in America so they usually eat around 9 to 11 am.

Do piranhas taste good to eat?

Yes people in South America say so.

Why did it take a long time for the people from south America to eat tomatoes?

because it is hot there

Can you eat Orchids?

yes you can, in south America they eat truantulas

Why does export farming cause problems for south America countries?

Export farming uses so much land for cash crops that South America has to import food for its own people to eat.

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in south America soe ants like 5 thousand at 1 time have bnknown to carry off people

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They eat different grasses that are in the Andes of South America.

Do they eat monkey brain in south America?

no. in Asia they do

What kind of Protein does South America eat?


What tropical foods did South America eat?

Is Kalakos a fruit from south america? If you get the answer email me at, thank you. Ronald

What river runs through the north eat of south America?

what river runs through the north east of south america

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