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What do people make with ivory?



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People using Ivory For thousands of Years in Ivory As raw material for many things - it's just had been found a Mammoth Ivory flute before 35,000 years ago. Ivory is a strong material & as well it's very good material to carved on.

With the evolution Ivory become one of the most popular material to carve on as well as very expansive.

Artist carved on ivory all over the world including Europe, Asia & Africa of-course.

Ivory was always prestige & expansive material so people start to kill elephants only to acheive their Ivory Tusks. Therefore in 1974 with world wide treaty - It's illegal to kill elephants for their tusk & all the trade in Elephants Ivory Tusk was forbidden. The act was created in order to protect the Elephant population that start decreasing dramaticly because of the high demand for Ivory tusk - espcially in the east.

Today it's illegal to trade in elephant Ivory what so ever unless it is older than 40.

As well Mammoth ivory is Legal ivory & today a lot of people that likes Ivory Carving - buying Mammoth Ivory carving & Mammoth ivory netsukes & that way they still can buy legal ivory that they like to collect but they don't encouraging any elephants pouching.

If you like to see some beautiful legal Mammoth ivory Carving you can visit this collection at: as well you can see Mammoth Ivory Netsukes(1-2 inch Ivory sculptures that was very popular in japan at the 17th century & today they are highly collectible items) at