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Crush your ego. Deflate your self-opinion. Synonymous phrases include: "Put You In Your Place"

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What does cut me down to size mean?

To be cut down to size is to be humbled.

Who are the people that cut down trees?

the people that cut down trees are people that get paid to do it. Or people that cut down trees

Who cut down rainforests?

Mean People!! :-(

What does deforestiation mean?

Deforestation is when people cut down trees to do something with the wood.

What does the idiom cut you down to size mean?

Teach you a lesson.It means to deflate your ego, to humble you in front of your peers.

Why are the trees cut down?

some trees get cut down for people to build schools houses and even football thing u know what i mean anyway

How do you cut a large dining room table down to a smaller size?

cut it

What does cropped mean?

It means to remove the outer edges of something, like a hedge or shrub. To cut something down to size.

What does the suffix -cise mean?

Cut; to cut down

How fast do the trees get cut down?

Specifically in the Amazon in a year a forest the size of New Jersey gets cut down.

Why do people cut down trees illegally?

People cut down trees to earn money, for fire wood..

Why are the rainforest's of the world endangered?

Rainforests are endangered because people continually cut down the trees in them, drastically reducing their size.

Why are the bamboo forests endangered?

because people cut cut cut them down

How do you cut a King size headboard down to a queen size?

It depends on what type of headboard style it is.

How is the rainforest being cut down?

the people are being cut down because people want to use the wood to make furniture.

Why do people cut down the forests the pandas live in?

People cut them down because to make parking lots,malls ect.

How many trees can be cut down in one week?

about the size of polend

Who were the first people to cut down trees?

paul bunnyan was the first person to cut down a tree

Why do you cut down tress where you do not need them?

people cut down trees where they need them to build new buildings

The power they wielded cut down their enemies?

what five people wielded the power to cut down there enemies

Where are trees being cut down?

trees are being cut down everywhere but the number of trees varies because fires can kill trees and then people have to cut them down.

What does a scythe cut down?

Scythes traditionally cut down grain and wheat in agricultural settings. In ancient war, especially with the Egyptians, scythes cut down people.

What does deforestation mean?

its when forests and habitats are cut down

Why were European forest cut down for?

European forests were cut down because maybe the people wanted to. HAHAHAHA

How do people harm the rainforest?

burn it down, cut it down, and pollute it.