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What do people think of Israel?


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You better not know what people think of Israel. Leave the war alone and you got a dumb country, you know how many lies people spread about israel? It's not so much technologically advanced as people might tell you, there's no industry here at all, everything is in-sourced.

People don't know how to drive here, everything costs a fortune, even insurance (Ah, yeah, how much did you pay for that vw golf over there? what? $400 ? I didn't hear you, but it costs here around the $2000). Wanna know how much coca-cola costs here? $2 for a can!

Wanna know how much the average (Not counting millionaires who stole from israel, in one way or another) folk makes a month? 5000 ILS (That's barely $1400).

Come here only if you're rich, and then again, I wouldn't wonder why more than half your pocket is gone, because of nothing.

Source? Duh, I live here... not for long, suckers.


Another contributor observed:

Well ! After reading that, can there be any doubt that even in Israel,

it takes all kinds.

But when you think about it, you realize how totally honest this answer is:

The question asks about the opinions of "people". The first answer outlines

the impression and opinion of this one single individual, but he holds them

so viscerally that he honestly believes that his opinion is shared by everyone.

It's obvious that what Israel offers is not what he's looking for. We're sure he'll

be a lot happier once he leaves. We wish him well, and know that the feeling

will be mutual.