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People in the Sonoran Desert wear much the same clothing as people elsewhere. There is no particular uniform or mode of dress in the Sonoran Desert.


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the people in the gobi desert wear a cloak

Desert people usually wear light weight loose fitting clothes, generally it is light colors. It often covers the whole body, face and all.This is due to the harsh desert weather conditions: sunny, stormy and hot.

they wear under wear or very light clothes.

Women in desert areas wear long flowing skirts and loose tops and men wear pants, tops, and turbans. Dress varies from desert region to desert region.

Well why dont you wear a coat and scarf next time you go to the beach and find out?

morning it is hot so they wear cotton..night it is so cold so they wear wool...

Desert people wear long flowing and bright coloured clothes to protect themselves from the scorching heat.

People wear a cloak in the desert because the little grains of sand can't blow in their eyes, also in hot deserts when it is in the night it is cold so the clooak will keep the person warm.

Usually, they wear a long, loose tunic, and headwear. Their shoes are sandals. The reason they wear headwear is when there is a sandstorm, they can cover up their face.

type in Iraq on the computer and click images that will show you

to protect the top of there heads from sunburn

They wear usually white clothing that is not tight and covering whole body for women (Except face and hands) and covering at least from naval to knees for men.

They wear clothes that are like what other people who live in the other 49 states (USA).

women wear saree and men wear dhati and kurta.

Primarily as insulation from the desert heat. I believe also that the cotton cloth wicks away sweat and helps cool the body.

When it is cold people wear warmer clothing

because they need to adapt to the environment of the desert.

i prefer to think they wear nothing, but that's just me. maybe they wear like loose clothes and stuff that doesnt make them too warm.. its the freaken desert, i doubt they wear huge jackets.

The Atacama has very pleasant climate so people could wear whatever they desire. They would dress more or less the same as others in the region.

they wear fuzzy coats and live in eglues

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