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what does a plant do during photosynthesis

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the manufactured by plants during photosynthesis is glucose.

Plants remove carbon dioxide during photosynthesis!

Plants release oxygen during photosynthesis.

Plants give off oxygen and water into the air during photosynthesis.

The energy plants use during photosynthesis comes from the sun. The plants use solar energy in order to do photosynthesis.

The gas given out by plants during photosynthesis is oxygen.

the gas used by plants during photosynthesis is called carbon dioxide.

the gas that plants take in during photosynthesis is carbon dioxide, oxygen is what it let's out.

Why is it important that plants give off oxygen during photosynthesis

The gas that plants take in during photosynthesis is carbon dioxide, oxygen is what it let's out.

What gas do plants use during photosynthesis

Plants release Oxygen (O2) as a result of photosynthesis.

yes, carbon dioxide is used by plants during photosynthesisYes

During photosynthesis plants take in "Carbon Dioxide" and give out "Oxygen"

Plants produce glucose and release oxygen during photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is an important part of the carbon cycle because of this.

Plants only photosynthesis during the day because photosynthesis requires sunlight to work. It takes the sunlight and makes it into energy.

They use photosynthesis during daylight hours.

Oxygen doesn't do anything during photosynthesis, oxygen is produced when photosynthesis occurs and is then released from the plants.

During photosynthesis, plants give off oxygen.

Sugar is not part of a plants energy during photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide is what converts energy in plants.

Sunlight, water and carbon dioxide are three things that plants use during photosynthesis.

Waste product of respiration is carbon dioxide, which plants use during photosynthesis.

Chloroplasts convert light energy to food during photosynthesis in plants.

Oxygen and water. A+. Tony B. Oxygen is given off as a byproduct by plants during photosynthesis. Plants does very well gas during photosynthesis, you might beable to learn this during science class.

The organic compound that is produces during photosynthesis is glucose. This is the plants food source that is made during photosynthesis.

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