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They eat small bugs, like termites and ants. To catch them they use their long tounge.
Toxic bugs and small invertebrates that are found in trees and leaf litter (fruit flies, ants, termites, etc.

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Q: What do poison dart frogs eat?
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Do poison dart frogs eat poison dart frogs?

No. Poison dart frogs eat insects.

How do poison dart frogs eat?

Poison dart frogs eat with their tongues, like all frogs. They are immune to their own poison.

Can snakes eat poison dart frogs?

some types of snakes can eat the poison dart frogs, if they can cope with the poison.

What eats poison dart frogs?

things that eat poison dart frogs are mainly snakes.

What insects do poison dart frogs eat?

Poison Dart Frogs eat insects like beetles, crickets, and ants

What plant does the poisen dart frog eat?

No frogs eat plants. Poison dart frogs get their poison from fire ants.

What do poison dart frogs use there poison for?

They use their poison to kill animals that try to eat them. Poison dart frogs are highly toxic.

What do blueberry dart frogs eat?

Blueberry poison dart frogs, like most frogs, eat small insects. Just like strawberry poison dart frogs, they get their name from their bright colors.

Do poison dart frogs eat poison plants?

no they eat bugs

Why do poison dart frogs eat bugs to get there poison?

So they can get there poison.

Do poison dart frogs have teeth?

Not really. Poison dart frogs eat insects, and they don't need much teeth to do that.

Do poison dart frogs spit poison?

Poison dart frogs do not spit poison. The poison is on their skin, to give any predator who tries to eat them a nasty mouthful.

What eats a poison dart frog and what does a poison dart frog eat?

a certain type of snake eats it and poison dart frogs eat plants and insects.

Why are poison dart frogs and strawberry poison dart frogs the same?

They are the same because they are both poison dart frogs.

What eats dyeing poison dart frogs?

Poison dart frogs have a powerful neurotoxin. Therefor, no animals will eat them whether they are dead or alive. Instead, poison dart frogs are consumed by bacteria and fungi who are decomposers.

What do poison dart frog's eat?

They eat frogs and insects.

What does strawberry poison dart frog eat?

Strawberry poison dart frogs eat ants, beetles, centipedes, and mites.

What do strawberry poison dart frogs eat?


Do poison dart frogs eat worms?


What do wild poison dart frogs eat?


Are all frogs safe to eat?

No, there are some poisonous frogs such as poison dart frogs.

How do Poison Dart Frogs act with other Poison Dart Frogs?


How big are poison dart frogs?

Poison Dart Frogs are about the size of your thumbnail

Why are frogs poison?

Some frogs are poison there are toxic if you touch you died. some like the poison dart frog' golden poison frog' strawberry poison dart frog'yellow poison dart frogs and the green and black poison dart frog there are pboison frogs by edward nketia

What kind of food does poison dart frogs eat?