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In power plant we generate electrical energy

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What is an advantage of coal power plants over nuclear power plants?

Coal Power plants are cheaper to build.

What is an advantage of nuclear power plants over coal power plants?

Nuclear power plants don't release greenhouse gases. Coal power plants are cheaper to build.

How are nuclear power plants different from other power plants?


What is the difference between coal power plants and nuclear power plants?

because coal power plants use coal and nuclear power plants use nuclear energy to make electricity!!

How many power plants are there in MN?

there is 69 power plants in minnesota

What are some harmful energy power plants?

nuclear power plants

Why do you need nuclear power plants?

You have to have power plants because without them we would not have enough power =)

How is electronics used in thermal power plants?

Electronics are used in thermal power plants when the power from the thermal power plants are transferred to a storage source. There, electronics comes in.

Why nuclear power plants are used as base load plants?

Nuclear power plants are capital intensive power plants and hence it is more economic to operate them at high capacity factors (or as base load plants)

How is electrical energy produced from chemical energy?

power plants power plants

What are the different types of electricity according to their sources?

Electricity produced from:Fossil power plants (Coal, natural gas, oil fueled power plants)Renewable power plants (solar, wind, biomass, ... )nuclear power plants

What are the advantages and disadvantages of power plants?

The advantages of power plants is that they provide sustainable energy for a large area. Disadvantages of power plants is that they give off pollution.

What are the advantages of nuclear power plants?

they provide higher amount of power and electricity than normal power plants.

Are Nuclear Power Plants Emissions Free?

No, Nuclear Power Plants Have Emissions of CO2.

How many hydro power plants in India?

Hydro Power Plants - exactly 35

When was fossil fuel power plants created?

Fossil Fuel Power Plants were created when.....

What are the thermal power plants in india?

thermal power plants are located in Orissa and Kerala.

What do coal power plants and hydroelectric power plants have in common?

They both generate electricity.

How many nuclear power plants are in Japan?

There are 55 nuclear power plants in Japan.

Are there nuclear power plants in New Mexico?

No. There are no nuclear power plants in New Mexico.

What 4 states have geothermal power plants?

what 4 states have geothermal power plants

Which type of power plants generate the least amount of pollution?

nuclear power plants

How many nuclear power plants are there in Indiana?

There are no nuclear power plants in Indiana, USA.

Why doesn't Britain have any nuclear power plants?

Britain does have nuclear power plants.

Which produces more radioactivity in the atmosphere coal fire power plants or nuclear power plants?

Coal fired plants.