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From what I've found out, if you're not pregnant and experiencing pregnancy symptoms, it's usually a psychological issue. The woman either truly wants to become pregnant or is paranoid/afraid of it. Sore breasts and nipples, moodiness, headaches and nausea are all symptoms of early pregnancy, but are also signs of PMS. The best indicator of pregnancy is a msised period and, of course, a positive test. I had a recent pregnancy "scare" when I stopped taking my Birth Control one month. It was about a week after my period and I first felt very weirdly tingly nipples, and then they started to hurt when touched. Then about 3 days later I felt nauseous in my morning shower and almost felt like I was going to faint. For about two weeks I felt nauseating at different points in the day, sometimes stronger than others. I had strong fatigue, heartburn, lower back aches, weird "mini" cramps in my lower abdomen, headaches that would come on and off for short times and make me feel more nauseous, and some more-than-usual clear, runny vaginal discharge. The day I got my period, my boobs were so sore and the nipples enlargened that I thought for sure I was pregnant. But I never had a positive preg test (I took home tests and two blood tests at the doctors office), and my period was typical. I don't know why my body did all this -- I've never had hormonal changes like that happen in a regular cycle to me. Just shows you that our bodies can go nuts sometimes!! I am not an expert, but I know that I was watching an episode of "Everwood" and one of the older ladies on the show was experiencing pregnancy symptoms. In her case, she was not pregnant but had another serious medical condition. I would look into this. This happened to me last month. Some early pregnancy signs are similar to hormone imbalance. You need to have them checked out.

  • I knew I was pregnant early on just by intuition and then experienced an abnormal "period". I called three doctors and since I experienced bleeding I got three different answers: first doctor said "you had a miscarriage" second doctor said "have your thyriod checked" third doctor said "stress" It turns out I was pregnant but apparently there are so many different things to cause the symptoms.
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Q: What do pregnancy symptoms mean if you are not pregnant?
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If you have pregnancy symptoms does it mean your pregnant?

It could, but PMS sometimes copies pregnancy symptoms.

Can you be pregnant and not get any symptoms or signs throughout your pregnancy?

No. You will get pregnancy symptoms. It is impossible not to get pregnancy symptoms. Yes, you can be pregnant and have no symptoms at all. Haven't you seen that tv show "Pregnant and didn't know it?"

Can you tell if you are pregnant by stomach symptoms?

no. stomach symptoms could mean lots of other things and are NOT determinant of pregnancy. get a pregnancy test.

Can you have symptoms of pregnancy while on NuvaRing?

Birth control medication does cause pregnancy symptoms. But yes you can have pregnancy symptoms and be pregnant.

What do pregnancy symptoms mean if you aren't pregnant?

I want to know the same exact thing! im having all the symptoms but the pregnancy test said no?

Can you be pregnant and not have the symptoms of pregnancy?

it is possible

Can you be pregnant and not have symptoms of pregnancy?


If you have a discharge does it mean you are pregnant?

Not necessarily. Many women have a discharge, pregnant or not. See the Related Link for symptoms of pregnancy.

What are the symptom before pregnancy?

You have no pregnancy symptoms before you are pregnant.

Do you always get pregnant symptoms in 2 months of pregnancy?

You can have pregnancy symptoms from day one to the last day of your pregnancy.

What are the symptoms of being pregnant when you have implanon?

Symptoms of pregnancy with the contraceptive implant are a positive pregnancy test.

What is experiencing symptoms of pregnancy when you're not pregnant?

It is called a Phantom pregnancy.

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