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Q: What do property cards say in monopoly deal?
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What do the Monopoly property cards say?

A Monopoly property card lists the mortgage value for the property (one half of the board purchase price). The card also provides the price for houses added, and what the rent is for opponents, either with no development, with one to four houses, or with a hotel. It also states the double rent rule, which only applies to undeveloped properties that are part of a monopoly -- the base rent is doubled, but not once a property has any houses or hotels.

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Just say no.

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well chess is very complicated but monopoly can go on for days so I would say chess if your having guest, but if its someone you live with I would say monopoly.

What do the monopoly chance cards say?

They say all different things like collect $500 opr bad things like go to jail. I was wondering too though so I'm not quite sure

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you deal out 2 cards and if ur are far away from 21 u say deal me(ace means) 15 or 1 and you can use 15 and one at the same time and get 16

List of games that children can play?

Well it depends but i would say monopoly for a board game because it teaches math and when you buy a property you learn that you need to spend your money wisely

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It is considered a physical property.Many might say that mass is a physical property, but in reality no scientific discipline has a monopoly on any attribute or property.It is a property of matter that may be of relevance to any discipline, or all of them.EDIT: While all that may be true, it is still a PHYSICAL property.

What does it say on submit button on deal or no deal?


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The question does not say how many cards are drawn and so it is impossible to answer.The question does not say how many cards are drawn and so it is impossible to answer.The question does not say how many cards are drawn and so it is impossible to answer.The question does not say how many cards are drawn and so it is impossible to answer.

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the real deal

What does it say on submit button deal or no deal?


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What do the cards say in horse opoly?

The cards that have the horses on (the ones you buy) have the name, mortgage and on the back, there is a little bit ofinformation about the horse you just brought. On the horse Sense and the horse play cards, they have a question, or move forwards, back. Just fun little things you have to do. This game helps you learn about horses in a fun way....they encourage horse play. If you like monopoly and horses, then Horseoply is for you.

What children games include electricity?

well to what i know is that monopoly game with the electric calculator thing does include electricity so then yeah i shall say monopoly

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I am sorry to say that I do not think you can. Sad isn't it?

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No you don't and when you have broken a deal it's really bad luck

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Credit cards say "credit" And debit cards say "debit". Hope this helps!

Why do they say Deal or No Deal?

The people say the deal or no deal due to it being a tv show. People use info they know to respond to unique questiosn to gain access to more money options.

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