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they eat micoscropic plankton

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2009-11-18 18:54:06
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Q: What do pterosaurs dinosaurs eat?
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Does pterosaurs eat humans?

No. Pterosaurs are extinct and humans never met the dinosaurs/pterosaurs.

What came first dinosaurs or pterosaurs?

Dinosaurs appeared a little bit before the first pterosaurs.

What is the dinosaur pterosaurs?

Pterosaurs were not actually dinosaurs. Pterosaurs were flying reptiles that lived alongside dinosaurs between 210 and 65.5 million years ago.

What are flying dinosaurs are called?

Flying dinosaurs. (Pterosaurs)

Are pterosaurs related to dinosaurs?

Yes. Dinosaurs and pterosaurs were both archosaurs, a branch that also include crocodilians.

What is the pterosaurs related to?

Pterosaurs were closely related to the dinosaurs. Because birds have descended from dinosaurs, the closest living relatives of pterosaurs are birds. All birds are equally related to pterosaurs.

Did flying dinosaurs live in England?

By "flying dinosaur" I am assuming you are referring to pterosaurs, which were not dinosaurs, but were reptiles. Pterosaurs did live in England.

Can dinosaurers fly?

Dinosaurs could not not fly but pterosaurs lived during the dinosaurs age and they could fly. pterosaurs are not flying dinosaurs they are flying reptiles that lived at the same time as dinosaurs. Some examples of Pterosaurs are: Pterodon Pterodactlus Hopee this helpsss! from Megggannn

Were pterodactyls dinosurs?

Pterodactylus were pterosaurs, and although pterosaurs are often called "flying dinosaurs," they were not dinosaurs. Pterosaurs were flying reptiles that lived at the same time as dinosaurs, but they don't share the same common ancestor as dinosaurs and thus don't fall into the clade Dinosauria.

What dinosaurs could fly?

No Dinosaurs could fly, you may be thinking of Pterosaurs. A few Pterosaurs are: Pterodactylus, Pteranodon, Dimorphodon, and Quetzalcoatlus.

Does the Pterosaur have a nickname?

Pterosaurs are often called "flying dinosaurs" by the public. However, pterosaurs were not actually dinosaurs because they didn't evolve from the same species that all dinosaurs evolved from, and thus pterosaurs don't fall into the evolutionary clade Dinosauria.

Are pterosaurs predators?

Yes. Dinosaurs are prey.

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