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Who works with xrays radiation nuclear medicine and ultasound?

Radiologists work with these.

What is the working conditions of a radiologists?

Usually, diagnostic radiologists work in a small darkened room, with light boxes on which to read images of x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, etc.

When was Royal College of Radiologists created?

Royal College of Radiologists was created in 1939.

How much do diagnostical radiologists earn?

Average salaries for radiologists, according to one website, are $398,571.

When was American Association for Women Radiologists created?

American Association for Women Radiologists was created in 1981.

Do radiologists wear uniforms?

Yes, during a normal day, they wear the typical nurse/doctor looking scrubs. But when the are performing x-rays and such, they have to wear a lead coated apron or something, to stop the radiation penetrating their bodies un-necessarily.

Are radiologists physicians?

Yes, many radiologists are also physicians. Some are also doctors or practice in other fields.

What doctors do radiologists work with?

Radiologists work with many types of doctors, which may reflect their subspecialty training if any. General radiologist most commonly work with emergency physicians, primary care physicians, internists and surgeons. Subspecialists such as neuroradiologists have more contact with neurosurgeons and neurologists. Breast imagers will have more contact with breast surgeons, pathologists, and oncologists.

Where do Radiology technicians work?

Radiology technicians are also called radiologists. These workers tend to work in hospitals and clinics both. More money is available working in the hospital.

How many radiologists are there in us?


Why is pineal sand important to radiologists?

it is calcium concretions. It is easily seen from a radiograph and radiologists use it as a landmark because it is easily identified.

What type of equipment do radiologists use?

radiologists use x-ray equipment radiologists use x-ray equipment They use MRI scanners, CAT scanners, they do ultrasounds(I don't know name of machine), and they take x-rays!

What are the typical hours of radiologists?

7 am- 6pm

Interventional radiologists perform what?

striptease dances

What is the starting salary of a radiologist in the US?

One website that places radiologists reports salaries in 2010 for radiologists with fiver or fewer years of experience was $332,400.

Are radiologists doctors?

yes, they are a specialized group of docters.

What do zoologists wear to work?

zoologists wear clothes 2 work

What do environmental scientists wear to work?

what do environmental scientist wear while at work

Can you wear jeans to work?

You can wear nice jeans to most work places.

What are people who do X-Rays on people called?


What machines do radiologists use?

umm im guessing radios

How much does a radiologists make in a year?

At max around $600,000

What kind of scientist who works with radium?

Chemists, physicists, radiologists

Most recent radiology technician salary?

Radiologists are very well paid. This medical profession is the highest paid field. Starting radiologists can expect a salary around $350,000 per year.

Can radiologists write prescriptions?


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