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catholics: catholics believe that this is wrong and only god has the power to take away lives, catholics and their leaders obey by The Bible verse 'tha'll shall not murder". Helping someone to die in this situation is not even a option in a catholics view

Christians: christians believe that killing someone to help ease there suffering is wrong but not all christians agree by this some thing differently and think euthanasia is a good idea if the suffering is so great to the mind and/or the body

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Q: What do religiouse people think about euthanasia?
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How does euthanasia affect ill people?

Euthanasia kills ill people.

Why would people choose euthanasia?

People think ,it is better to die than to carry a painful life.

How many people travel to euthanasia center?

There are no Euthanasia Centers for people at this time.

Is euthanasia so easy?

euthanasia can be as easy as u think but the problem is that it depends on the person who is being treat in terms of euthanasia'

Why do people think euthanasia is right?

1 It is the person.s right to choose to die with dignity and in comfort.

What people are affected by euthanasia?

Who? the people who agrees to commit euthanasia or the people who learns about euthanasia of their dear ones, relatives or friends? For people who want to do euthanasia, here are the reasons: Euthanasia is assisted suicide. It is illegal and is not a common practice. I would imagine that those that do participate do it to end the suffering of a painful disease.

What is the word for non-religiouse?


What do you think about euthanasia and do you agree with it?

mercy killing and euthanasia are the same thing so just type that in stead.

What is the definition of euthanasia?

Euthanasia: The ending of life in a painless and humane manner. Some people go abroad to a place that Euthanasia is not banned and they can do it there.

Do people know if euthanasia is right?

No, and that's why it shouldn't be performed. Only dangerous animals (such as bears who have entered people's houses) need euthanasia (the bear could return and do serious harm to residents). People think that euthanasia is better than natural death, but they have no proof that the prophets or God has ever said it. The truth is, people got the idea of euthanasia from their thoughts, and not from any logical source. I guess that people just want an excuse to kill, or get rid of so-called 'beloved pets'. I hope animal euthanasia will end some day. 0-:)

Should euthanasia be legalized for the terminally ill?

Many people think so, but clearly there are many opponents as well.

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