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What do root words mean?

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A root word the word in which one word is based on such as: make (the root word) making (the other word)

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What words are for the Latin root card?

Do you mean what words are made up from this root? cardiac, cardiology, cardiogram Or do you mean - what does this root mean? heart Hopes this helps.

What is the root words of miner and higher?

If you mean what are the root words, there are none because only verbs have root words and those are not verbs.

What are the Latin root words that mean 'root'?

The Latin word for "root" is radix, which is the source of such English words as radical, eradicate ("to root out") and radish.

What does the root sequ mean?

Sequ or Sekw are Latin root words that mean "to follow".

What does the root words pos and pon mean?

As far as I can find out, neither of these words are a root word.

What are some root words for 'scop'?

root Answewr: If you mean words that contain the root "scop"...telescope, microscope, periscope...

What does the root word tempor mean?

The root words tempor and tempo both mean time in Latin.

What is the root word pac?

what are some words that mean the root word pac

What words have the root solo?

The root "sol" meaning alone has a few words with this root that actually mean alone, these include; solo, solitude, and soloist

Words that have the root sol in them?

If you mean the root sol relating to the sun: solstice solar

What does the root Mar mean?

The root words mar, mari, and mer means sea and pool

What are the words that contain the same root called?

I have seen the word "doublet" used to mean two words that come from the same root word.

What does the root word credit mean?

what are some words that have credit in it

Words with the root vir?

virile,virtuoso remember these words mean "man" LOL

What is the mean ing of the root can't?

Can't is the combining of the two words can not. The root of the word can't is the word can.

What does the root equ mean?

It is a Latin root that means horse, but many words with 'equ' have nothing to do with horses...

What the root clam claim mean?

The root words clam or claim means cry out. This is shown in exclaim.

What does the latin root word mean?

A latin root word is a simple part of a word that is used many times in several different words. These are the base of the words you see. These root words also come from the Latin language.

What does the root word loco mean?

The root "loco" comes from the Latin, locus, meaning "place". The words "locomotive" and "locomotion" contain this root.

What does the root word 'nom' mean?

"Nom" is a root of certain words meaning law or order

What does the root word para mean?

The root word para means beside. A couple words with this are paradox and paraphrase.

What does the root word card mean?

The meaning of the Latin root "card" translates to heart. Modern words that employ this root are cardio, cardigan, and cardinal.

What does the Latin root word junct mean?

The root word junct means join. This root word is shown in many words like conjunction.

What does the root word test mean?

The root word test means to bear witness. It is used in words such as: testament and testimony.

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