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What is Claudias favorite color?

I possibly think that Claudias favorite color is gold or silver.

How is claudias related to Hamlet?

Claudius is Hamlet's uncle (his father's brother)

What is the theme song for WWE unforgiven 2006?

Claudias Theme by Lennie Niehaus.

What was petroleum used for before the automobile was invented?

To satisfy Claudias needs of water

What did ptolemy to?

He is an mathamican, geoglogly, and wrote many books about the earth......he was know as claudias ptolemy....

Was claudias the roman empire leader when they took over Britain?

I don't know. you should check on a proper website

When did claudias first invade Britain?

Claudius invaded Britain in 43 AD. Britain then became and official province.

Where is the Claudia Kelsey Doll Museum Tr Dba Aunt Claudias Dolls A Muse in Juneau Alaska located?

The address of the Claudia Kelsey Doll Museum Tr Dba Aunt Claudias Dolls A Muse is: 114 S Franklin St Ste 103, Juneau, AK 99801-1360

What do you call a growth on your big toe?

this disese is called claudias head. it is highy contagious i would recommend you see the doctor straight away before its too late! your toe could fall off so be carefull. I am so worried about you! i recomand you to pick up your phone right now and call the doctors! you need claudias head of your toe! i hope ive helped also theres a disese call atlantas head this is muchmuch worse, so im warning you! atlantas head grows on your foot and could lead up to your face and even up your nose! sorry to tell you the bad news.

What has the author Margarete Riemschneider written?

Margarete Riemschneider has written: 'Rhodos' -- subject(s): Antiquities, History 'Der Schwur des Espaini' 'Die Welt der Hethiter' -- subject(s): Hittites, History 'Im Garten Claudias' -- subject(s): Nonus Panpolitanus in fiction, drama, poetry, Fiction

Is claudias real name mustach?

Of course it is!! Atlaease that's what she told me!! I remember one day she told me (kan i telll u something) n i said sure!!! So she was like ok don't tell no body bt "my real name is mustach!!!!!!!! Wow i was amazed!!!!!!!! So ya i think it is....well im sure it iz!!

How can you have your birthday without experiencing your first Christmas?

You need more presents for a birthday, also you need more birthday cake. For Christmas you need little baby Jesus to come to your house and eat the mince pies and carrots. i know santa is suppose to do this but Jesus likes it as well it is his birthday! Oh if you don't do this you might get claudias head growing on your biggest toe, this is deadly! Atlantas head is worse, if you get this it could lead you to your grave. Hope ive helped good luck.

What actors and actresses appeared in Frauenstation - 1977?

The cast of Frauenstation - 1977 includes: Eva Berthold as Schwester Ruth Stephen Boyd as Dr. Oberhoff Horst Buchholz as Dr. Schumann Karin Dor as Claudias Mutter Veronika Faber Herbert Fux Ina Lane as Frau Wogand Marina Langner as Schwester Renate Alexandra Moser as Angelika Schneider Gerd Rigauer Brigitte Stein as Dr. Holger Barbara Valentin as Angelikas Mutter Fred York Pirko Zenker as Eva Overhoff

What did Saint Valentine contribute to Christianity?

Valentine was a third century priest, possibly a bishop, in Rome. When the Roman Emperor Claudias Gothicus started having problems raising an army, he made marriage illegal. He could not legally draft married men into service. Valentine, it is reported, continued to marry couples in secret, much to the displeasure of the emperor. He also is said to have ministered to Christians that the emperor had thrown into prison. He had Valentine arrested and imprisoned. While there he reportedly cured the young daughter of his jailer of blindness and became her friend. Just before Valentine was beaten to death and beheaded, he is said to have sent the young girl a letter telling her to remain faithful to God. He signed the letter, "From Your Valentine." While parts of the story of Valentine may be legend, there is no way to prove or disprove it. However, he was undoubtedy a very holy and pious man who put his duties as a priest above his own personal safety.

What movie and television projects has Armin Dillenberger been in?

Armin Dillenberger has: Played Anwalt in "Tatort" in 1969. Played Claudias Vater in "Polizeiruf 110" in 1971. Played Assistent in "Kassensturz" in 1984. Played Ludger in "Der Fahnder" in 1984. Played Herbert in "Wolffs Revier" in 1992. Played Stefan Wolf in "Die Wache" in 1994. Played Kneipengast in "Frauenarzt Dr. Markus Merthin" in 1994. Played Ernst Krause in "Schwarz greift ein" in 1994. Played Wirt in "Bella Block" in 1994. Played Kommissar Barrenfeld in "Doppelter Einsatz" in 1994. Played Dirigent in "Unser Charly" in 1995. Played Karl Hummer in "Stubbe - Von Fall zu Fall" in 1995. Played Hummer in "Stubbe - Von Fall zu Fall" in 1995. Played Horst Thieme in "Balko" in 1995. Played Uwe in "Mona M. - Mit den Waffen einer Frau" in 1996. Played Norbert Schramm in "Hinter Gittern - Der Frauenknast" in 1997. Played Hoffmann in "Mordkommission" in 1998. Played Gastwirt in "Das vergessene Leben" in 1998. Played Michael Hausschild in "Der Clown" in 1998. Played Heinz Lowitz in "Schloss Einstein" in 1998. Played Richard Miller in "In aller Freundschaft" in 1998. Performed in "Doppelpack - Das Duell" in 1999. Performed in "Die hohe Kunst des Seitensprungs" in 1999. Played Andre in "Todesengel" in 1999. Played Matuschek in "Alles Atze" in 2000. Performed in "Fisimatenten" in 2000. Played Werner in "Alles Atze" in 2000. Played Jochen Wirkus in "Solange wir lieben" in 2001. Played Beifahrer in "Null Uhr 12" in 2001. Played Trainer in "Berlin, Berlin" in 2002. Played Streifenpolizist in "Im Visier der Zielfahnder" in 2002. Played Marek in "Was nicht passt, wird passend gemacht" in 2002. Played Rolf in "Die Couch-Cowboys" in 2002. Performed in "Jungs zum Anfassen" in 2002. Performed in "Kehrwoche" in 2002. Performed in "Weichei" in 2002. Played Hans-Peter in "Irgendwas ist immer" in 2003. Played Lauber in "Tigeraugen sehen besser" in 2003. Performed in "Der Schwimmer" in 2004. Played Alkoholiker in "Feuer in der Nacht" in 2004. Played Spark Member in "Mouth to Mouth" in 2005. Played Meisner in "Colditz" in 2005. Played General von Choltitz in "Die Wehrmacht - Eine Bilanz" in 2007. Played Hanno Ortwin in "Notruf Hafenkante" in 2007. Played Harald Wenners in "Notruf Hafenkante" in 2007. Performed in "Flemming" in 2009. Played Director of Photography in "Romy" in 2009. Played Offizier der Grenztruppen in "Jenseits der Mauer" in 2009. Played Karl Follen in "Die Unbedingten" in 2009. Played Zoodirektor in "Empathie" in 2010. Played Verkehrspolizist in "Allein gegen die Zeit" in 2010. Played Karl-Heinz Schreiber in "Die Zeit der Kraniche" in 2010. Played Hauptmann Sorge in "Weissensee" in 2010. Played Hugo in "Der Philatelist" in 2011. Played Seydlitz in "Hauptstadtrevier" in 2012. Played Gerd in "Girl on a Bicycle" in 2013. Played Grenzbeamter in "Quellen des Lebens" in 2013.

What movie and television projects has Karin Dor been in?

Karin Dor has: Played Extra in "Der letzte Walzer" in 1953. Performed in "Der schweigende Engel" in 1954. Played (as Rose Dor) in "Rosen-Resli" in 1954. Played Pepita in "Solange du lebst" in 1955. Played Daniela Kleemann in "Die Zwillinge vom Zillertal" in 1957. Played Monika in "13 kleine Esel und der Sonnenhof" in 1958. Played Helga Heidebrink in "Das blaue Meer und Du" in 1959. Played Tessy in "So angelt man keinen Mann" in 1959. Played Helga, die Nichte in "Skandal um Dodo" in 1959. Played Nora Sanders in "Die Bande des Schreckens" in 1960. Played Anneliese in "Bei Pichler stimmt die Kasse nicht" in 1961. Played Barbara Holstein in "Ohne Krimi geht die Mimi nie ins Bett" in 1962. Played Ann Learner in "Der Teppich des Grauens" in 1962. Performed in "The Bellboy and the Playgirls" in 1962. Played Ellen Patterson in "Der Schatz im Silbersee" in 1962. Played Liane Martin in "Die unsichtbaren Krallen des Dr. Mabuse" in 1962. Played Clarisse in "Das Geheimnis der schwarzen Witwe" in 1963. Played Denise in "Zimmer 13" in 1964. Played Ribanna in "Winnetou - 2. Teil" in 1964. Played Cora Munroe in "Der letzte Mohikaner" in 1965. Played Maria Chernoff in "The F.B.I." in 1965. Played Barbara, the lady friend of Adriana in "Io la conoscevo bene" in 1965. Played Maria Muller in "The Face of Fu Manchu" in 1965. Performed in "Winnetou - 3. Teil" in 1965. Performed in "Die tollen Nichten des Grafen Bobby" in 1966. Played Brunhild in "Die Nibelungen, Teil 1 - Siegfried" in 1966. Played Brunhilde in "Die Nibelungen, Teil 2 - Kriemhilds Rache" in 1967. Played Helga Brandt in "You Only Live Twice" in 1967. Played Jeanine Duvalier in "Ironside" in 1967. Played Baroness Lilian von Brabant in "Die Schlangengrube und das Pendel" in 1967. Played Mabel Kingsley in "Winnetou und Shatterhand im Tal der Toten" in 1968. Played Angela in "It Takes a Thief" in 1968. Played Juanita de Cordoba in "Topaz" in 1969. Played Maleva Kerstein in "Los monstruos del terror" in 1970. Played Andrea Jacobs in "Haie an Bord" in 1971. Played Herself - Candidate in "Dalli Dalli" in 1971. Played herself in "Klimbim" in 1973. Played Nicole Monnier in "Die Antwort kennt nur der Wind" in 1974. Played Regine Mangold in "Hochzeitsnacht im Paradies" in 1974. Played Liora in "Warhead" in 1977. Played Lisa Bruekner in "Dark Echo" in 1977. Played Claudias Mutter in "Frauenstation" in 1977. Played Karin in "Four Against the Desert" in 1977. Played Berenike Stassfurth in "SOKO 5113" in 1978. Played Ellen Barner in "Das Traumschiff" in 1981. Played herself in "Harald Reinl - Kino ohne Probleme" in 1986. Played Emily Stockton in "Rosamunde Pilcher" in 1993. Played Lady Claire Sherberton in "Rosamunde Pilcher" in 1993. Played Daisy in "Rosamunde Pilcher" in 1993. Played Louise in "Mein Freund, der Lipizzaner" in 1993. Played Julia and Other Characters (1994) in "Otto - Die Serie" in 1994. Played herself in "Die Johannes B. Kerner Show" in 1998. Played herself in "Beckmann" in 1999. Played herself in "Volle Kanne" in 1999. Played Frau Winter in "Ich bin die Andere" in 2006. Played herself in "Ein Leben wie im Flug" in 2007. Played herself in "My Swinging Sixties - Gottschalks Zeitreise" in 2010. Played herself in "German Grusel - Die Edgar Wallace-Serie" in 2011.

What actors and actresses appeared in Livvagterne - 2008?

The cast of Livvagterne - 2008 includes: Anders Aaman Anderskov as TV fotograf Julie Agnete Vang as Mie Dennis Albrechtsen as Snigmorderen Siham Alvan as Samas mor Samy Andersen as Brudgommen Philip Antonakakis as Mikkel, betjent Szhirley as Bruden Yama Azizi as Zainas Dreng David Bateson as Shane Mikhail Belinson as Konstantin Korovjef Finn Bergh as Livvagt Anne Birgitte Lind as Claudia Sophia Birkow as Waffas Pige Bailly Blo as Julien Sarah Boberg as Belinde Benno Bodnia as Agent 2 Benjamin Boe Rasmussen as Trikker Yelena Borzunova as Margarita Rasmus Botoft as Wilhjelm Rasmus Botoft as Wiljhelm Adam Brix as Bo Nordtoft Adam Brix as Nordtoft Linford Brown as Jefferson MI5 Ian Burns as Graham Peterson Ninna Cederholm as Lille Kurts hustru Ninna Cederholm as Lille Kurts kone Thomas Chaanhing as Kwang Ming Casper Crump as Skuespilleren Esben Dalgaard Andersen as Thomas Eriksen Lone Dam Andersen as Claudias mor Therese Damsgaard as Skokasteren Sami Darr as Cyklisten Andreas Dawe as Sikkerhedschef David Dencik as Dexter Vladimir Dikanski as Yuri Zubou Iben Dorner as TV reporter Ayse Dudu Tepe as Agent 1 Carina Due as Natten Ida Dwinger as Tatyanas mor Helene Egelund as Eva Enevoldsen Salah El Koussa as Tolken Martin Elung as Asger Enevoldsen Mathilde Falch as Sangerinde Kadhim Faraj as Manden i garagen Jakob Fauerby as Daniel Stine Fischer Christensen as Susan Andersen Liane Forestieri as Mirella Gabrielsson Emily Gerrald as Sally Eriksen Emily Gerrild as Sally Eriksen Fouad Ghazali as Muktaar Peter Gilsfort as Thomas Larsen Thomas Guldberg Madsen as Per Rasmus Hammerich as Thomsen Thomas Hanzon as Gabriel Magnusson Tariq Hashim Borrissorvi Vibeke Hastrup as Karen Friis Rasmus Haxen as Steen Holm Morten Hebsgaard as Knudsen Stinne Hedrup as Nielsen Hans Henrik Clemensen as Stormgaard Louise Herbert as Camilla Rhode Mads Hjulmand as Bo Ginny Holder as Faela Mogens Holm as Simon Jensen Martin Hylander Brucker as Politibetjent Marijana Jankovic as Katharina Kim Jansson as Fjorby Kim Jansson as Fjordby Helle Jensen as Bankchef Pia Jette Hansen as Rasmus Mor Lene Johansen as DR2 Journalist Omar Kamounah as Hamid Azad Khidir as Boghandler Brian Kizito Mutabi Brian Kizito Mutabi as Dixy Ray Allan Klie as Kristian Jung Lars Knutzon as Preben Pedersen Laura Kold as Katrine Eriksen Pelle Koppel as Christian Jensen Steffen Kretz as Klima Reporter Jaques Lauritsen as Forfatteren Linda Laursen as Designer Henrik Lerche as DR Korrespondent Janek Lesniak as Wim Cremer Lane Lind as Birgit El-Murad Bronwen Loshak as Sama Bronwen Loshak as Seima Mette Marckmann as Journalist Armand Martin Babikian as Embedsmand John Martinus as Diamanthandler Mellica Mehraban as Sumaiya Jacobsen Mellica Mehraban as Sumaya Jacobsen Philip Meisner as Radio speaker Anders Midtgaard as Michael Inge Molnes Heramb as Isabella Malin Morgan as Tatyana Zimakova Alexander Moukhai as Medvedenko Nima Nabipour as Mustafa Malene Nielsen as Witness Albert Nielsen as Yusef El-Murad Umar Nyonyintono Umar Nyonyintono as Gilbert Henning Olsson as DR Reporter Stefania Omarsdottir as Ida Maria Koch Jacob Ottensten as Ahmed-Emil Dragomir Pajkovic as Drazen Catic Sevik Perl as Mahmoud Caspar Phillipson as Krasser Vladimir Pintchevski as Lebedeu Vladimir Pintchevski as Lebedev Flemming Platz as DR journalist Lene Poulsen as Revyskuespilleren Diana Quick as Claire Thornton Vojo Radosavljevic as Haso Rolf Rasmussen as Rolf Rasmussen Julie Riis as Rikke Simon Rosenbaum as Rabbineren Maria Rossing as Trine Nyholm Wolf Roth as Christoph Meyer Mogens Rubinstein as Kommentator Maibritt Saerens as Josefine Rhode Sinan Sajed Spahi as Waffas Dreng Dar Salim as Ammar Hayat Shahbaz Sarwar as Bombemanden Stina Schmidt as Kirkesangeren Victoria Seest as Mathilde Stanislav Sevcik as Karsten Lars Sidenius as Kaare Hansen Lene Siel as Sangerinden Cecilie Stenspil as Jasmina El-Murad Ilia Swainson as Waffa Larsen Klaus Tange as Dirk de Vermeer Fadime Turan as Huma Semra Turan as Zaina Semra Turan as Zaina Hayat Jakob Ulrik Lohmann as Kim Mikkel Vadsholt as Bjarke Simon Vagn Jensen as Rasmus Far Natali Vallespir as Rachel Marianne Van Kamp as Petra Grashoff Niels Vigild as Bertelsen Magnus Vigilius as Livvagt Thomas Voss as Frederik Jakobsen Mette Walsted Vestergaard as TV Speak Mette Walsted Vestergaard as TV Speaker Alexsandra Wissing as Stavenska Sandra Yi Sencindiver as Mia Helmut Zierl as Klaus Maria Grashoff