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What DID they eat. Sabre-tooth tigers were saber tooth tigers, and they're extinct. They ate a collection of Deer, Mammoth, Macharachinia and Carcass.

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Q: What do sabre-toothed tigers eat?
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Where did the saber-toothed-tiger live?

There is no such thing as a sabretoothed tigers. it is a sabretooth cat and they lived in most parts of the world including USA.

Are sabretoothed tigers extinct?

Yes.The Smilodon, colloquially known as the Sabre-Toothed Tiger, became extinct about 10,000 years ago.

Do tigers eat toucans?

Why do you care? Tigers will eat everything...

Why do tigers eat?

Well, if you were smart enough to know, Tigers actually eat to Survive! Why do YOU eat to survive so that is why Tigers eat !

What does skark tigers eat?

What do white tigers eat?

Do tigers eat lions or lions eat tigers?

lions and tigers eat meat by killing them such as deer, wild pig, and such like.

Do tigers eat caterpillars?

No , tigers don't eat caterpillars

Do tigers eat Jaguar?

do tigers eat jaguars or panthers?

Do white tigers eat other tigers?

no they eat your mom

Do tigers eat crocodiles?

Yes tigers eat crocodiles.

Do brown bears eat tigers?

No, Brown Bears dont eat tigers. Tigers eat Brown Bears, beacuse tigers are more stronger and have a better chance of surviving.

What is the name of the extinct cat with the fangs?

There were a few -- are you thinking of the Sabretoothed Tiger perhaps?

What would win in a fight an American lion or a sabretoothed tiger?

saber tooth

What kind of tiger species do Siberian tigers eat?

Tigers generally don't eat other tigers.

Do tigers eat moose?

NO! tigers do not eat moose.Because moose dont live anywhere near Tigers.

Do Bengal tigers eat their mothers?

Bengal tigers do not eat their mother.

Do tigers eat orangutans?

Yes they do,Tigers eat almost anything...

What time do tigers normally eat?

tigers normally eat food

Do king cobras eat tigers?

no! tigers will eat the king cobra!

Are there any animals that eat tigers?

May mankind eat tigers!

What do tigers mainly eat?

tigers mainly eat deer in the wild

Do tigers eat hippos?

Yes tigers eat hippos. I know that for a fact because tigers are a very aggressive animals and eat certain animals.

Do tigers eat other animals?

Tigers are carnivores. Carnevores eat animal and human flesh. Therefore, tigers eat other animals, yes.

Do tigers eat tigers?

Yes/no. The males will eat the cubs of another male. They will not eat their own cubs.

Can you eat tigers?

Yes many people from Africa and Australia do eat tigers.