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Scientists think that Europa ,one of the satellites of Jupiter must have life in it as it is believed that the satellite is purely covered by thick sheet of ice, which is the solid state of water .it is also believed that the satellite also answers the Urey- Miller Hypothesis

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Europa is the sixth moon of the planet Jupiter.

Scientists think there may be liquid water on Europa that we could live off of.

A subsurface ocean, an oxygen atmosphere and potential for life.

Scientists believe that there is liquid water, under the crust of Europa.

The scientists think that Europa can have the life on it.

The moon scientist think might have life is Europa. It has oceans 3 to 60 miles under ice.

A saline ocean beneath it's crust.

they want to land a spacecraft on europa to dig through miles of ice and get to water, where Europa will most likely have life. its Aliens, man! i want to see them too!

The tectonic plate-like movement of its icy surface and various measurements indicate that Europa has a subsurface ocean of liquid water. Liquid water is considered the most important factor for a world's ability to have life.

Europa dah ...................... I think he did both yep he did both

I have read somewhere that scientists think that europa may have an underground ocean.

If there is liquid water on Europa, there might also be life..... iquess

The movement of segments of Europa's icy surface, akin it Earth's tectonic plates, indicates that part of the interior is liquid water.

Europa is covered with ice and underneath a layer of ice there is an ocean that scientists think might have life living in it. Also Europa has many cracks on it.

Whether it has a liquid ocean below it's surface and if so, is there any life there.

They think that life might exist on Europa because they have found evidence of liquid water on Europa. Hope this helps. :) <3

Europa may have lots of things that scientists may not know and it may have a rocky surface to.

where scientist think Stegosaurus livem

Because there are materials in Europa which Earth also contain. A example of this is H2o (Water)

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The duration of Europa Europa is 1.87 hours.

Europa shows signs of having a saline environment, which could be amenable to life.

Europa Europa was created on 1990-11-14.

Some scientist think yes and some scientist think no.

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