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What do sea anemones eat?

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They eat small fish, crab, and shrimp also whatever they can find (write that down people). Small fish, shrimps, crabs and anything else that comes within reach of their arms.

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Do sea anemones eat humans?

No, sea anemones do not eat humans.

Do butterfly fish eat sea anemones?

Yes, butterfly fish will eat sea anemones.

Where do sea anemones eat there food?

Sea anemones eat fish whole and where they caught it. Kinda like jellyfish, but ancored to a rock

What does a sea anemone eat?

All sea anemones are carnivores.

Do people eat sea anemones?

Yes, some people do eat sea anemones. They can be battered like fish and chips and cooked various different ways.

Sea anemoneswhat do they eat?

Most Sea Anemones eat Mirco-organisms proto-plankton.

How do sea anemones obtain energy?

they eat food

What eats Sea Anemones?

sea slugs will eat tube anemones, if they are quick enough to get the anemone before it pulls into its tube. See footage from the Monterey Bay Aquarium ( nothing eats sea anemones

What is the symbiotic relationship between clown fish and sea anemones?

the clown fish uses the anemones for protection and the anemones eat the clown fish

What kind of fish do sea anemones eat?

Sea anemones are known for eating a wide variety of different fish and sea life. These include krill, shrimp, and tangs.

Do sea anemones have eyes?

No, sea anemones do not have eyes.

Do sea anemones have shells?

sea anemones do not have shells !

Do sea urchins eat sea anemones?

No They Probably wouldn't because the sea urchin would prick the sea anemones i believe a sea anemone would sting it with its stingers on the end of its tentacles also some could just swim away and sea urchins are i believe among sea anemones

Where can you find sea anemones?

You can find sea anemones on the bottom of the Sea. Sea anemones stay in one stop there hole life.

Are sea anemones producers?

Sea anemones are not producers because they donâ??t make their own food. They are actually carnivores and eat things like fish.

What plants are included as sea anemones?

Sea anemones are not plants.

Are sea anemones consumers?

Sea anemones are consumers yes.

What are the Sea Anemones enemies?

plankton. since they eat them. after death though.

What kind of symmetry do sea anemones have?

Sea Anemones have radial symmetry

Are sea anemones herbivores carnivores or omnivores?

Sea anemones are carnivores

What kind of skeletons do sea anemones have?

Sea anemones have a hydrostatic skeleton.

How are coral and sea anemones related?

Sea anemones are a kind of corals.

What do sea anenomes eat?

Sea anemones eat a variety of things which they catch with their poison tentacles. Some of the things they eat are mollusks, fish, and shrimp.

How old can sea anemones get?

Some sea anemones get to be 100 years old.

Do sea anemones have a nerve net?

yes sea anemones have a nerve net.