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Sea Cows (also known as Sirenia) are herbivores, and thus, they eat all aquatic plants, with variations depending on their environment.

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What did stellar sea cows eat?

The steller sea cows eat plants

What does the manatee eat?

Manatees eat sea grass. manatee= sea cow, and cows eat grass!

Do sea cows eat sharks?

noooo... because " sea cows" are almost manettes and actually manettes are very well known for being eaten by sharks so no sea cows don't eat sharks oppesite way around ; ) wink wink

What animals eats the sea cow?

Whales, sharks, crocodiles, and alligators eat sea cows.

What animals eat water plants?

Some fish eat water plants. Manatees, or sea cows, also eat water plants. Humans also eat some sea plants.

How do cows eat pork?

Cows do not eat pork. Cows do not eat any meat. They eat grass and hay.

Do cows eat herbivores?

No, cows only eat vegetation. Cows are herbivores.

Do cows eat humans?

No, cows do not eat humans.

What do cows eat outside?

cows eat grass

Can cows eat nuts?

cows can eat nuts.

Are sea cows and manatees the same?

Yes, sea cows and manatees are the same.

Why are Steller Sea Cows Extinct?

Steller sea cows were hunted to extinction.

What are relatives of an elephant?

Elephants are related to hyraxes and sea cows. Elephants are related to hyraxes and sea cows. Elephants are related to hyraxes and sea cows.

What is the correct name for a sea cow?

Sea cows belong to the order Sirenia. There are two kinds of sea cows, manatees and dugongs. They are called sea cows because they are similar to sea cows, as they chew on their food (sea grass, corals, etc...) for eight hours a day.

What kind of grain do dairy cows eat?

cows will eat any grain, but most cows eat corn

Did The Pioneers Eat Cows?

If Not They Would Never Eat Cows.

Why Indians do not eat cows?

The ones that don't eat cows.

Do pandas eat cows?

No, the cows are too big to eat.

Can cows eat candy?

yes cows can eat candy

What is the Greek's favorite meat?

COWS COWS COWS they eat cows.

Do seahorses hate cows?

Only sea-cows.

What animals do cows eat?

Cows don't eat animals, they eat grass they are herbivores.

Are sea cows endangered?

Yes! Steller Sea Cows are extinct and dugongs are endangered!

Do french cows eat meat?

French cows eat grass.

Do cats eat cows?

Feral cats will eat dead cows.

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