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What do sea snails eat?

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Sea snails eat moss and some plants that grow in water. that is a true answer that is not a lie it has been looked up soo yeah

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Do sea snails eat seaweed?

Some sea snails eat seaweed and some eat moss.

What do sea snials eat?

What do sea snails eat

Are sea snails consumers?

Sea Snails can eat bits of dead Animals, but they generally eat weed.

What do baby sea snails eat?

I guess sea snails just eat sea plants cause my sea snail just had millions of babies

Do squid eat sea snails?

Yes, Squids do eat sea snails. Squids hold them with there legs and eat them. and Im french and there not IDIOTS

Do fishes eat snails?

yes! puffer fishes eat sea snails in their diet.

What things eat snails?

There are many different species of snails and they all eat different things. Some snails eat garden plants and some snails, such as sea snails eat plankton and fish.

What eats snails in the ocean?

Lobsters and Crabs, octopus, Sea Anemones, and sea spiders eat snails in the ocean. A variety of fish also eat snails in the ocean.

What do sea shells eat?

slugs and snails

Do fish eat sea snails?


Do sea snails and goldfish go well together?

the sea snails could eat the goldfish eggs if they have some.

What do sea snals eat?

sea snails eat seaweed.They also eat anything plant realated.

Does sea gulls eat sea snails?

Usually a seegal will appear looking for a sea snail to eat and it often does.

What do cone snails eat?

-Small cone snails feed off sea worms, small fish and other cone snails -Larger ones eat fish and other slightly larger sea creatures.

What does a sunflower starfish eat?

They eat sea urchins, clams, snails, abalone, sea cucumbers and other sea stars.

What sea creatures eat urchins?

starfish , snails, eels, birds, fish, sea otters eat sea urchins

What eat elephant snails?

Elephant Snails have only a few predators. Their predators are: * Humans- People eat them * Octopus- Eat them * Sea Anemones- Sting them and then Eat them

What does a sea snail eat?

Sea snails eat alge of rocks and fish food flakes!!! They also eat pellets.

What eats a sea snail?

animals like starfishes and crabs eat sea snails

Is sea otters are Herbivore?

No. They eat mussels, sea urchins, snails, abalone, etc

What kind of animals does fungi eat?

Animals eat fungi like sea snails.

Do sea stars eat sea snails?

no because they are not smart enough to get them out of there shell I think they might be vegetarians but they might eat minos.

Do sea snails eat shrimp?

it depends on the snail. sum are carnivorous but most eat vegetation.

What do arctic snails eat?

Sea snails are pteropods and are an essential food for bowhead whales. These snails feed on phytoplankton and gather in big groups that discolor the water.

What does a star fish eat?

They eat calms, oysters, mussels, small fish, sea snails , and barnacles