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Both seeds and spores fertilize and both create new plants.

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Q: What do seeds have in common with spores?
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How are spores and seeds alike and different?

spores are not seeds and seeds are not spores

How are seed and spores different and alike?

spores are not seeds and seeds are not spores

How seeds and spore alike and different?

spores are not seeds and seeds are not spores

What kingdom reproduce by seeds or spores?

A kingdom is a taxonomic rank that places together organisms that have common fundamental features. Kingdom Plantae reproduce by spores or seeds.

Do angiosperms have seeds or spores?


Why are seeds better than spores?

Seeds are better then spores because they have a reproductive advantage over spores.

Are roses spores or seeds?


Does moss reproduce seeds or spores?


Does algae hav spores or seeds?


Do ferns make spores or seeds?


Are spores much smaller than seeds?

Spores are much smaller than seeds. Seeds can be seen but spores can be seen only under the microscope.

How are plant spores different from seeds?

Spores are not made by fertilization like seeds are. :p

Do roses reproduce by seeds or spores?

spores cause Edited answer: Roses reproduce by stem cuttings, rarely by seeds. Not by spores.

Does moss produce seeds?

They reproduce by spores instead of seeds. Ferns also reproduce by spores, not seeds.

Do ferns and mosses produce seeds or spores?


Do field mushrooms grow by seeds or spores?

Spores .

Spores allow fungi to do what?

spores are seeds of the mushrooms

Do conifers use seeds or spores to reproduce?


Do caladium have spores or seeds?

seeds or tubers

Does a daisy produce seeds or spores?


Do apple blossoms have seeds or spores?

they have seeds

What do you call the seeds of the mushroom?

they are not seeds they are spores.

How do spores differ from seeds?

Seeds are larger, seeds come from flowering plants, spores come from non flowering plants

Are there magic mushroom seeds?

No, however there are 'magic mushroom' spores. Mushrooms produce spores, not seeds.

Does pine tree has seeds or spores?

spores A pine tree has seeds contained within its cones.